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  1. Happytractor

    D160 mid mower and rear pto

    Thanks for the info Pacer! I am aware of the pto rpm's,I thought it would be cool to have the rear pto,I have the 3 point so thats why I want to put the pto on,turning my D160 into the deluxe model.I don't have any rear pto attachments but a tiller would be nice, might find one in the future.This might turn into a bigger project than I thought it would be! Thanks again for the info
  2. Happytractor

    D160 mid mower and rear pto

    Thanks for the reply "D"-Man.I guess I didnt phrase the question very well.I want to know if that pulley that is on the pto shaft will be in the way to run the mule drive for the mid mount mower.Will the rear pto limit me to just rear mower and tiller?
  3. Hi Guys This might be a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway.I will be putting a rear pto on my D160. Can I still run my mid mount mower? I dont have the pto yet but I hope I can run my belly mower.I have an electric front pto with one sheave pulley. Thanks in advance for any answers!!
  4. Happytractor

    Wheel Horse Salvage

    I got a upper lift assembly for my D160 from A-Z Tractor and was very happy with the sale, Very fast shipping!
  5. Happytractor

    Tough to find crankshaft

    I'm getting back to you guys because I ordered the .020 under rod Sunday 4/2/17 and just got a email from Russo stating they no longer have the rod available and they refunded the money. When I put my order in it showed that it was in stock,I guess they don't upgrade their stock inventory often enough.I now have to figure out some other way of completeing this project. I hope any of you guys putting in a order get what you order, maybe best to call them to place your order to make sure they have the parts.
  6. Happytractor

    Tough to find crankshaft

    I just got lucky! I found a place that sells .020 undersize rods part number 397158 for 34.99 plus 7.99 shipping now I can get the crankshaft ground for the new rod. They also have new crankshafts,like the one I have part number 394430, they have the replacement number 690639 for 228.19 +9.99 shipping. These are after market parts.They sell all kinds of lawn tractor parts.Here's the web site www.russopower.com they are located in Illinois.Thanks to all you guys for the GREAT ideas and response,these forums are Great!!
  7. Happytractor

    Tough to find crankshaft

    This engine is a splash type. The crankshaft I have from the engine has a scuff in it from the rod breaking and the Machine Shop said they could grind it but then I would need an undersize rod which is not available.I will keep looking but so far my leads have failed.Maybe I should just repower!
  8. Happytractor

    Tough to find crankshaft

    Thanks for the fast reply!I called New Lennox but no luck,He said he never stocked that particular crankshaft.I sent out an email to Planet Briggs,waiting for their reply. Maybe I'll get lucky soon!
  9. Happytractor

    Tough to find crankshaft

    I am having a hard time locating a useable working crankshaft for a 18HP Briggs Twin I/C opposed horizontal engine. The model is 422437 type 1268-01 code 91090612. I cant buy a new one they are not available anymore.The engine is on a YardMan GT18 and it has a broken rod.The crank has a gouge in it and the engine shop said they could grind it but I cant get an under size rod, not available.I can get a standard rod however.I have been checking for crankshafts on Ebay nothing there.I have called numerous large repair shops and a few lawn mower salvage yards but no results.I was hoping somebody reading this would have or know a place that might have a good used crankshaft.Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  10. Happytractor

    What do you guys think about this

    Thanks for all the ideas fellas!! For some reason I'm feeling leary about this tractor.I"m pretty good at wrenching,but the transaxle could be a problem if its needing some help.The owner told me that the rear end was"nt making any bad sounds.I read on the forums that tillers can be hard on transaxles. This tractor is a 1978 with the improved version of transaxle. I really don't like the idea of driving 800 miles just to check it out,but that might be the best way to go. I would have to take my trailer and the truck just in case I did buy it. Wheelin'the Sky was wondering why it lost its garage space,well the owner said the neighbor and him had to have the lot lines resurveyed and he ended up having to remove the shed because it was actually on the neighbors side. He told me the tractor is at his daughters house now (close by) and when they moved the tractor his son in law somehow broke one of the rear tires valve stem off , the rears are filled with solution for weight and that tires fluid leaked out. Do you guys think the bolt pattern and center hole would be the same as my 418-A ? Then I would have a spare when I would pick it up.The owner said he was leaveing (Feb 27)for Nevada and won't be back until July.I can call him out there to make a deal. What do you guys think the tiller,snowblower with hydraulic chute control,and large(dont know actual size) mower deck are each worth if they are in average condition?
  11. I would like some opinions about this possible purchase. The tractor is supposed to be a 1978,the guy that is selling it said he did'nt run it in about 5 years.He said he has turned the engine and it is not tight.He also said the fluids in the radiator are up to level.Steering is good and steers easy. It was stored inside but has been outside for 3 years now.The D250 comes with tiller, snowblower and large shaft driven mower.He said the tractor ran well and had no transmission or clutch problems.The owner said that it should'nt take that much to get it working again.I think I could get it for 1300.00,the problem is it's 400 miles one way from my place.Any ideas and opinions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  12. Happytractor

    D250 Front and rear tire size

    Thank You for the info!
  13. Checked with Tractor Data but they don't give tire size. Any help Thanks!
  14. Hi all!

     I am a new member. I recently purchased a 418-A. This is my first WheelHorse.I have other tractors  Deutz Altima 1920,Allis Chalmers 310D,New Holland 14S, Ariens GT18,Cub Cadet 125,MTD 990 . I am presently working on the 418-A. I have found your forums to be very helpful .I'm waiting for a new solenoid (should come today)Then I should be able to fire up the 418 for the first time.