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  1. benji756

    What do these fit?

    Does the tube have 2 small holes in it for cotter pins? If so it could be a extension tube for a chute adjuster for when you have a cab on your tractor, the other looks like a belt guard from a mower deck.
  2. benji756

    Deere helping trim limbs

    Now thats the ultimate portable deere blind there!
  3. benji756

    What is this supposed to be connected to?

    I think it goes to the air filter for some kind of sensor
  4. benji756

    EGO snowblower

    I would think your warranty would cover any problems, I bought the green works 80 volt snow blower last year and i'm very happy with it.
  5. benji756

    Caption This

    Just 3 more loads and I can get that truck!
  6. benji756

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    I was able to peen the rivet on my 520h to cure this problem, I used the ball end of a ball peen hammer on it.
  7. benji756

    Traded a Horse for a Monkey

    Last summer while visiting my daughter and son in law in chicago we took a boat tour of the city, we went by the old monkey ward warehouse and our guide told how the order pickers used to go around on roller skates and pick the orders to be shipped out, I thought that was a pretty interesting story and he also told how he had a person who worked there when they were younger on one of his tours and she confirmed the story.
  8. benji756


    Very very nice of you
  9. benji756

    Hello everyone! New here

  10. benji756

    Wild Bill 69

    looks like the c160 was built from 1974 to 1977 and the c161 was 1978-1979 and could be had with a 8 speed or hydro, if you go to tractordata.com it tells you about them.
  11. benji756

    oakly mi show

    I have seen the wheel horse bronco and charger I'm wondering if this is the wheel horse Clydesdale.
  12. benji756

    oakly mi show

    This was at the old gas tractor show in oakly mi this year, I'm sure its not a wheel horse but thought it was still cool to see.
  13. benji756

    New 520 H Guy

    I was following you on I69 I think, did you get on at m52 and was in a red dodge truck?
  14. benji756

    Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    Looks like that is a 1 year only tractor and the 11hp briggs is the correct motor, I would say having a rare one like that is pretty cool.