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  1. Kungfil

    D 200 clutch assembly

    Done alot of searching on the forum and not finding much on this....i apologize in advance if not searching correctly or not posting this in the appropriate place in redsquare. So, when i engage the d200 to run an attachement, i see very small shards of metal floating around in the air at the back side/motor side of the clutch assembly. I dont really hear any grinding or anything, but obviously something is. Ive read the manual abit about clutch maintanence and mentions of moly grease and inspections etc. But if you never done it before, not so easy to know what to look for. Could it be it just needs a good greasing. What would be unbelievably cool is if there were a video showing the whole process. Thoughts anyone?, thanks in advance.
  2. Please understand i dont know a whole lot about mechanics, but this is how im gonna learn. When sitting on tractor there is a 9"ish long hose by my left foot that is leaking. Wanting to fix...and I'm pretty sure it connects to pump/piston? ?s Probably can get a new hose and connectors from a reds square vendor? Or easy to get from a parts/mower store? Special things to know about dealing with hydro fluids, resoviors, air in line etc? Type of replacement fluid? Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. Kungfil

    New member from Gretna, NE here's what I got

    The trailer actually worked out pretty slick. I'm a commercial paint/flooring contractor and we rent regularly from sunbelt. We drove trailersless to minneapolis from omaha, picked up a trailer from sunbelt minneapolis that they didn't mind losing from their inventory loaded up and hauled back to omaha. Omaha sunbelt which is newly established will now have a trailer addition to their inventory....win win for everybody. The green is their corporate color...sorry was nothing I could do about that.
  4. Kungfil

    New member from Gretna, NE here's what I got

    Your not kidding, already have a d200 for parts and a d180 with some attachements lined up....think that'll be the end.....for now......perhaps a 12 step section is needed on this forum? Glad to represent NE....know there's also a junkie in firth
  5. Kungfil

    New member from Gretna, NE here's what I got

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! So glad red square is here. In browsing it's obvious there's a lot of knowledge openly shared. And I get why yaall are into these....they are really cool machines. Also finding out wives don't get it as much.
  6. Wanted to introduce my WHs Found the '73 8 4 in a guys basement in Sioux City...doesn't run and in lot's of pieces. He says he couldn't get a spark. Gonna work on her and get her started. The other two came home last night from a journey to Minneapolis area. Front is a D200 that runs well. Bought it from a young man who has been working with it...nice kid, I applaud ambitious youth. He built the weight rack on the back that you just fill with concrete blocks. When full it holds 300ish pounds. Another nice surprise was a remote controlled wench he installed on the front. The rear is a C160 that came with all the original manuals, a tiller, a 42"ish deck and a snowblower. It's a little owly, but runs and works. They all need some work, but my son and I got up this morning and went out on the property to break stuff with em...had a blast. I got the bug and these things are just way too cool!