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  1. MWR

    Need help with a Kohler 321 14 hp

    It flew loose a couple of weeks ago, and as far as I know it may still be gaining altitude.
  2. I have just gotten around to rebuilding my Kohler 321 for my GT-14. In the process of cleaning up the parts, the compression release cam spring flew loose and took off to parts unknown. I looked high and low for it, even using powerful magnets to sweep the area, but it was not to be found. No problem I thought, I'll just buy a new one. But so far I have been unable to find one. Evidently they are rare. I wonder if anyone here would have one for sale, or maybe even a whole cam with the spring on it. From what I can find out, the engine will not run without it.
  3. Ok, I responded. I reported this post. That's to many Wheelhorses for any one human to own. There's gotta be a law again this, somewhere.
  4. MWR

    1972 GT14 Carb cleaning and build

    Log rolling can cause brain damage.
  5. MWR

    1972 GT14 Carb cleaning and build

    You got my attention. Do you have a link or any other info on these carbs?
  6. MWR

    what is your favourite wheel horse

    You can't go wrong with adding MORE POWER!!
  7. MWR

    C 175 , pig in a poke

    Based on the pictures, I'd say it just needs the soot blown out of it.
  8. I've not posted here much this summer, been really busy. But my GT-14 engine gave out back in May and I am just now getting around to rebuilding it. And I have question. The threads in the block for the exhaust are bad and this makes it difficult getting the muffler to stay where it needs to be. Does anyone here know if there is any way to rethread the block or any other fix? I think it is a 1 inch pipe thread.
  9. MWR

    Hot Mule Drive

    Since no one else has mentioned it, I'd guess it could be the bearings going bad..
  10. MWR

    417A - full of GUNK

    When you get it running, be sure to blow the soot, and/or gunk out of it.
  11. I finally found a machine shop that would turn my cranks. He asked me $35.00 to turn one crank, so I took him two. He then said he would turn both of them for $30.00 each. I said OK. He put a micrometer on them and proclaimed that one was wore almost 3 thousands and the other one was wore almost 4 thousands. Now both are 10 thousands under. This is when I pulled the crank, after the rod broke. This is after a few hours in the muratic acid. I buffed them out with a fine grit sanding sponge and they shined up, but they needed more. And this is after having them turned 10 thousands. I'll probably leave them wrapped in this plastic until I get ready to rebuild one of the engines.
  12. MWR

    Magnum Carb question Help

    Could be that it just needs the soot blowed out of it.
  13. MWR

    Picked up a Dealer Sign

    That font is Blacksmith.
  14. MWR

    Picked up a Dealer Sign

    How about this?