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  1. Phatboy

    New AGs For the D160

    I use Carlsile Tru Power and used them last winter , plowed my garden, and mowed all this season and haven't even wore the little nubs (****) off them yet ,, and also I like this brand cause they are true to size and are square not rounded looking like the deestone,,,and a good compound they last forever.. just my 2 cents,, oh yea and I have 100lbs of weight on each wheel and don't need chains on my 110 foot asphalt driveway,,and I live in PA we get tons of snow every year.. I have them on both my John Deere and my 520 I only kept them on my 3-10-8 cause I sold it right away lol ,, I use nothing but Carlisle Tru power now
  2. Phatboy

    Broken wheel hub wheelhorse raider 12

    This seems to be a problem with alot of wheelhorses,,, "Hubs" ,, they deffinatly could habe come up with a better design,, everyone of my 3 wheel horses have had hub problems at one time or another,, even my 520H that only had 420 hrs on it,, i had to replace hub ,, was loose on axel from when i got it from original owner,, so it was walered out,, 75 bucks down the drain ot went !! Lol
  3. Phatboy

    Plowing snow with lug tires.

    See i never have ice build up cause i have a black asphalt driveway ,, and i have my plow skids set to only leave like 1/32 dusting behind and i use tru power ags with never a issue .. Even last winter with the blizzard and over 2 foot of snow and my driveway is on a incline,, a good set of ag's with weight not the cheap knock off ag's either ,, carsile or firestone,, and keep the driveway clean and dont drive on it alot before plowing ,, the dusting i leave behind becase my driveway os black melts no matter how cold cause of the day light ,, so yea im AG's all the way ,,
  4. Phatboy

    "LIKE" NOS,, condition 520H with attachments

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Phatboy

    I joined the club!

    Thank God you amd your horse are ok,, i habe heard alot of bad horror stories of ppl getting hirt real bad like that..
  6. Phatboy

    "LIKE" NOS,, condition 520H with attachments

    Cause it's to pretty to use for snow with salt and all that ,, I can't bring myself to work this the way I need to work my main work horse ,, and my wife will only keep one at a time..unfortunately.. And I also have a "Green" one that only has 390 hrs on it and is better suited for me for what I need my main tractor to do,,, dual spool hydro,, and hydro float mode when pushing snow etc...
  7. Phatboy

    "LIKE" NOS,, condition 520H with attachments

    Muz123 there is the original hour meter in the dash,, the one in the engine compartment is the one that i installed after the one in dash quit,, all other gages work tho,,wildhorse no my 520 is not restored it is 100%! All factory original,, except hour meter in the engine compartment..which is hooked up to the original wires for that gage,, no cutting or spliceing,, except for on the 9 pin that was getting hot ,, re did the wires for the charging system , that go bad on every 520 ..
  8. I Am selling my like new condition 520H and attachements.. 36" tiller ,,and 48" snow blade/ dozer,, with stainless steel front brace to keep stress off rear end,, also comes with down force linkage ,,,48" inch deck,,tractor has rear lift clevis all ready hooked on it and ready for anything you want to do with it,, tires are like brand new also.. All attachments are in great shape,, also comes with rear chains,,, this is a Beautiful tractor not many like this left in the world...
  9. Phatboy

    Hubcaps Needed

    There is a really nice set of plastic ones in the classifieds if this helps ya out any..
  10. The best way i habe found to get them out is , i went to HF and got some long roll pin punches ,then i put one in my air chissle and let it rip,, it was laying on the floor in less than 2 minutes,,, worked greak for me,, of course spraying it first with liquid wrench..i see that was to be your next course of action,,,
  11. Phatboy

    bigger front tires on the C-195

    Tires look nice buddy
  12. Phatboy

    Sorry i missed the show

    Thank you for the heart felt words,,, im just kinda lost right now,, because my wife works at night ,, Gordan was the last face i seen at night and the first face i saw every morning for 13 years,, and he was who i spent every day with doing stuff , yard work ,, workimg in the garage,, whatever it was he was by my side ,,,now its just empty and quite,,,
  13. Phatboy

    Sorry i missed the show

    I cant find the Vinyl Guy in the venders list anyone know how to get in touch with him so i can pay him for my banner and ask him if he will send to me ,, ill pay shipping,, if you read this vinyl send me a pm please..
  14. Cruisnblue48 , i seen at the bottom of your post , "520" club member,, is there a official 520 club ? If so can ya send me the details in a pm? All the details and what i habe to do to join ? Please and thanks !!