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  1. Lowell, my thoughts and prayers are with your family for steady improvement and a good outcomes, for both your boys. Regards from Hoosierland, Steve Koontz
  2. WOW! Lead and bass lines, simultaneously, on two different necks, and occasionally switching necks to perform the opposite line. Clapton, Page, Beck, and Bonamassa might be able to learn a few licks from this guy. Shazaam!
  3. ztnoo

    Large IN dealer auction

    Huummm......well direct links to noted sales should always be including for the convenience of RS membership reference, IMO, but when they are not, one must search. And search I do. And research is my forte: https://lutzauctions.com/ Some interesting, curious stuff.........referring to other than just WH stuff. The WH manuals did catch my eye, however......
  4. OK.......I was thinking Catholic catechism that kids who were Catholic had to attend on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.......which a was a very long time ago, since I'm 40 years your senior...... us old folks take everything so literally........sorry. Must have something to do with our language shortcomings.......
  5. @KyleLengerich, I appreciate your explanation and your clarification of the meaning of the "Star" banners. Additionally, I am curious about another phrase you used.........thinking maybe I know what that reference point may be, but would appreciate your clarification on the phrase: Could you please expand and elaborate further on this reference? Regards, Steve Koontz Gas City, IN
  6. " According to KCAL-TV, the Gary Sinise Foundation filled 15 planes full of Gold Star families to go to Walt Disney World down in Florida as a special Christmas present called the “Snowball Express.” “About 1,700 people from 15 locations across the country board the Snowball Express on their way to a 5-night vacation in Orlando" If he's footing the bill himself, we're talking some very serious money here, folks. Amazing generosity!
  7. ztnoo

    Happy Birthday Lowell

    Happy Birthday, Lowell!!! Have a super day!
  8. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/incredible-gary-sinise-just-flew-1000-gold-star-kids-disney-world-christmas-surviving-parents/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=WJBreaking&utm_campaign=ct-breaking&utm_content=western-journal
  9. ztnoo

    Here’s yur dinner!

    Indiana Dealer the Next YouTube Sensation? March 25, 2015 https://www.greenindustrypros.com/business/article/12058281/taryl-fixes-all-small-engine-repair-and-youtube-sensation
  10. ztnoo

    Here’s yur dinner!

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Cd9kKYXFakV7ChvU_rjKw The assistant has an interesting phrase on his hat. Stop action might be required to comprehend.
  11. Happy Birthday, young man!! Have a great day!!!
  12. ztnoo

    Guess it’s not cold enough yet!

    @The Tool Crib, Since you are chasing bugs around to cull the herd, so to speak, and they are "open season" game you can take without a license, see if you can eliminate this one. It may actually be one of many here .....not sure...... but I only see them one at a time. Let us know it you have any luck. __________ et al. * As to the winter weather here in east central Indiana: I live in an area of the Midwest which typically is in continual transition a great deal of the winter. I personally jokingly refer to it as "the slop zone". Although we normally have some periods of extended time of extreme cold in January and portions of February with temps sometimes -15F to -20F, I have witnessed -25F before. Because of the generally rather flat or very gently rolling topography with huge acreage areas of open row crop land, and little to block the wind in any significant manner with only a few wooded areas scattered around, wind chills can be the killer in the equation of determining "comfort" levels. We may have a 0 degree reading on the thermometer, which if you worked outside some as I did on occasion, and learned to dress for the conditions, it would seem like not a big deal and was bearable..........IF there was no wind or just a few mph. But when you factor in high wind speeds combined with low or below 0 degrees temps, it can truly get to be dangerously cold. It's not uncommon to have blocks of time of -25F to -30F wind chills. That's when it gets really serious here. Looking at the thermometer on the exterior of a house or attached to a tree or outdoor shed, won't tell you the real story unless you check the wind speed. You can only be described as a fool ready to freeze his ass off if you don't adjust your wardrobe choices largely based on the knowledge of current wind chills. Large portions of November, December, sometimes February, and March the temperatures as well as precipitation, is like going to Vegas to roll the dice. Actually you can just do that on your kitchen table and save the air fare. It can and will do literally anything here ....... copious amounts of rain, sometimes freezing rain, sleet, and snow ............. on occasion we'll see all of those weather elements in the same day, something several times during the day. Years ago I had dial up internet service which was relatively slow to load after you clicked on a link. Sitting at my desk that morning it we endured rain, sleet, freezing rain, some occasional snow, the rather rare thunder snow, and about 1/8-1/4 mile visibility. After I clicked on a link and twiddled my thumbs waiting for it to load, and looked out my back window to see a buck about 100' from my house standing just inside a crop field feeding. I live on the edge of a town of about 6000, but there is a probably 15 to 18 acre woods within 1/4-3/8 of a mile from me where I occasionally see deer on the edge of the woods. But the day was so miserable, a normally overcautious buck felt checking feeding possibilities close to town was pretty safe. It was just a day not fit for man to be out, and not much wildlife either, except that buck almost standing in my yard. Much of the November-March period is overcast and cloudy, and if you suffer from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you might have big problems living here in the winter. Granted its not Alaskan or Scandinavian type lack of light, but after a while, the dominant cloudiness creates the same effect. So, often we are in this ongoing, frequent, continual freeze/thaw cycle which plays havoc on our roads. Many areas not that far north of my location, once it freezes it generally stays frozen most of the winter. Fewer freeze/thaw cycles equals less road damage. Three years ago the State of Indiana completely ground the road surface and repaved through our town which is two combined state roads which split at I-69, 2 1/2 miles east of town. It's the second most heavily traveled road in the county, and sees a tremendous amount of long haul truck traffic. When finished, it was beautiful and as smooth as its ever been on my 70 years on this planet. Three years later, partially do to both weather and design specs of the materials used in the asphalt, the road looks like it hasn't been paved for 18-20 years........ now patched in places, hot tar has been applied to prolific fissuring, and its a mess. Given the latitude and combination of weather variability this could be referred to the world's lead producer of potholes on an annual basis. In spring those potholes can literally happen overnight, depending on the volume of traffic. Snow here is a huge variable. We may have 12-16" over the course of a winter, or up to 40"......occasionally a little more. The one huge weather event in my life was "The Blizzard of 1978". That made me the weather hawk I am today. I was stuck in a town 90 miles to the north not far from the IN/MI state line for one week, to my good fortune, with my girl friend at the time. That town was about the same distance from I-69 as my town, yet you couldn't get down city streets to get to a state highway to access the interstate, let alone drive on it. There were 8-10' drifts everywhere. I-69 included. People ran out of food, others were trapped in their cars on the interstate and everywhere. They ran out of gas, and in some case their cars were completely covered with snow. With -55F to -60F wind chills, you didn't dare leave your vehicle, because if you did and were inadequately clothed you could go into hypothermia, fall down, and freeze to death. If you think about a hurricane in reverse terms, that pretty well defines what I witnessed and experienced. Ever since 1978 I've been attuned to the weather forecast, and now I'm glued to NOAA on a daily basis. No Wheel Horse snow removal here. But I do have a very nice Toro self-propelled 826 LE snowblower which does the job I need done nicely. I received it after I married a widow when I was 58 years of age. My first and hopefully only marriage. She jokingly said the Toro was her wedding dowry.
  13. Amazing! http://www.fox5ny.com/news/human-like-robot-hangs-drywall
  14. Remember how Texas Instrument calculators and the first cell phones were priced in the stratosphere??? All that changed pretty quickly.