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  1. How do you know it was "oil"??? To my mind, if you didn't find out the color of whatever fluid was in the Sunstrand before you started dumping something in it, you probably got ahead of yourself. If you had just unthreaded the drain plug on the back/bottom of the tranny to see what the color of the fluid remaining in the tranny was, that would have given you a clue as to what was in it. If if was reddish in color, it was ATF. It was a brown or caramel colored, probably oil. They originally came equipped with ATF and I believe they (the factory) changed fluid types somewhere along the line. A tranny with one kind of fluid in it, should never have a different kind of lubricant introduced without a total tear down and complete cleaning. My first year '69, 1-7441 model, came with ATF. That's what I've always used, since my tranny has never been split. A total fill of the hydro system and lift cylinder requires 5 quarts by the manufacturer's spec. When I do a filter change and fluid change, 4 quarts or 1 gallon tops thing off. I always assumed there was residual fluid in the cases and the hydraulic cylinder, valve, and lines that doesn't drain. Your tranny may well have never had anything added to it or the filter changed. The tractor could have been through 10, or 12, or who knows how many owners, who did no maintenance whatsoever. If the filter is a grungy, dirty mess that when cleaned up says Wheel Horse on it, its probably an original. Good chance anyway. Is there evidence of old leaks between the tranny case halves and around the axle seals? Also, you might try opening the tow valve if its closed. That could make a big difference in the way the tractor can be moved by pushing. I know sometimes the urge to forge ahead when you may not understand fully what is going on with a certain model is strong, but I know from experience, taking a deep breath, putting down a wrench, and asking the guys with lots of expertise here at Red Square what is going on and what are the possible fixes, can pay dividends and avoid big mistakes. Just food for thought. Regards, Steve
  2. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day!
  3. Excellent tutorial Richie!!! Great pic documentation too! Your explanation almost makes it look like a piece of cake........not nearly as scary a procedure as I imagined it to be. I guess @Aldon did something similar with the 8 speed, but I haven't looked at that thread for a long time. He bought a spare set of GT 14 axles from me to achieve what he wanted. (He was really after the longer axle as I recall). The whole swap out of parts from various sources make lots of different scenarios possible. If I were doing something like that, I think I'd still go with the longer axle shaft hubs (4 3/8") of the GT 14 four bolt hubs to better support the weight on a longer area of axle and bringing it closer to the tranny housing. The six bolt hubs would achieve the same thing, I believe. It's good to know there are GT 14 options out there......particularly the Eaton hydro option. I love mowing with a hydro.....much less hassle in going fast or super slow, IMO. I must be super lucky with my Sundstrand 90-2062 GT 14 tranny because I've never had a problem with it. Anymore, I change the filter and fluid every year which has probably added to the service life of the stock GT 14 tranny which will be 50 years old in 2019. Its the keeping the internals as clean a possible while in service that must be the reason mine has lived so long. I'm interested in your final set up of the motion control lever on the tractor when you get to that point also. Well done! Kudos! Regards, Steve
  4. Yeah, I guess that makes for two design flaws in the first model year if a guy really thinks about. I went back to your intro to look at some of those pics. Looks like the tractor does not have the gas tank heat shield installed. You may have it in whatever loose parts you have with the tractor. It bolts up to the two flat metal bars that join the cast dash frame and the cast tank grill frame. It extends about 2/3 of the way down the back of the tank to help deflect exhaust heat. It is needed or at least something that serves the same purpose because of the close proximity of the exhaust to the plastic tank. It gets really hot in that area. Nearly every GT 14 tank I've seen, including mine, has some heat damage which has changed the shape of the tank on its right rear corner. I can't think of much more of a horror story than melting a hole in a full 6 gallon GT 14 tank while operating it. That would be scary as hell if an exhaust spark or extreme heat ignited the tank. Yikes! So maybe chalk that up as design flaw No. 3 ...........and catalog that for future reference. I'm just thinking of things as we go along here, mostly based on my own experiences with this model and all that I have learned at this fabulous site about GT 14s.
  5. Just noticed something else you said. The idler pulley which is attached to the "parking brake" handle, must be in the down position to tension the drive belt properly which allows the engine pulley to rotate the tranny pulley. If that idler is in the up position and not tensioned against the drive belt, the tractor will either not move at all, or very little. That handle also operates a locking pawl in the tranny when pulled up, but its not a "parking brake" or even a stopping brake in the conventional sense. Often the handle gets used to try and stop a tractor on the move, but over time it usually destroys the teeth on the pawl, rendering it useless. Never engage the pawl with the tractor moving or rolling.
  6. No the plastic tank and the cast iron grill are two separate pieces. The '69 grill was open in front which exposed the plastic tank to potential damage. Later models had a solid cast grill in front covering the gas tank. Here's Aldon's gas tank repair thread: *** Additionally, after looking at the pic of the ID tag on your Sundstrand tranny, I don't think you have an original GT 14 Sundstrand tranny. Somebody in the past may have already done a tranny replacement on your tractor. Does your tractor had four bolt/lug hubs??? My understanding was all GT 14s came with 90-2062 model trannies. Here's the ID tag on my tranny: Here's your tranny tag pic (90-1160) rotated 180 degrees:
  7. @ZXT, Welcome to the forum. I'm a GT 14 owner also. I have the first year, 1969, 1-7441 model that I've owned going on about 40 years now. There several of us GT 14 model enthusiasts here at the forum, but they are not as common in many ways to older Wheel Horses, or even some later models. They are a bit of a hybrid, but several guys here know much collectively to be able to advise you how fix about any problem you'll encounter. If you do a search of GT 14 related threads, you'll find a wealth of info on prior common problems and their fixes (or workarounds). I saw in Classifieds you were looking for a gas tank. The common problem is the busted/split plastic nipple on the bottom corner of the tank (damn poor design flaw, IMO). Aldon arrived at a relative easy fix for that if your tank has no other problems. Also I noted you are looking for a wiring harness. I'd give up on that idea and fabricate your own all new harness. You'll be time, money, and problem free ahead if you do that. The chances of finding a trouble free used GT 14 harness are to be equated with winning the $1 Billion lottery this weekend. I believe both @Aldon and @19richie66 have done work in this area and can probably provide good advice. As to the mower deck, if you had original mounts and the old style mule drive I could provide advice as I've had lot of experience keeping mine running over the years. Aldon has adapted the new style deck mount and front mule drive to one of his GT 14s and can be of some guidance in that department. Sounds like your first order of business is likely sorting the tranny out first. If you have to split the cases, just remember surgical cleanliness is next to godliness when dealing with hydro internals. Regards, Steve
  8. Hey......don't feel bad about not being able to find stuff or immediately being able to absorb all that is offered here at RS. I fumbled around for a couple of months trying to figure out the forum structure and how do certain things. I feel pretty comfortable here now, but occasionally something comes up that leaves me stumped.....even feeling stupid. Like most things in life, every day and every thing you encounter can be a learning experience. And if you don't understand something and don't ask, you may never "get it". Just hope you can do what you would like to achieve given your original question.
  9. ztnoo


    I'm in. Please assign me a number. Thanks Richie. p.s. Consider yourself lucky. Bundling up usually means putting on a little windbreaker jacket in Florida. We're having our first freeze tonight in east central Indiana. It is guaranteed to go downhill from there.
  10. I believe @pullstart is referring to the composition window when you either start a thread and post your own message, or when you are replying to some else's post. There's many characters at the top of the composition window including B for bold. I for italics. U for underline, S for strike through, etc., etc., etc. Click on the smiley face for multiple choices of emojis. After the changes of a short time ago, its like we have a whole library of choices now. Hope this helps.
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    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

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    Sears Bankruptcy

    Sears was the 800 pound Gorilla in retail for decades, but when new technologies began to be used as a marketing and sales tool, Sears was ultra slow to react and adapt. They fell behind so much they could never catch up with Walmart, and then Amazon. From what I've read, Eddie Lampert was really after the real estate and had little real interest in saving Sears as a major retailer. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/10/15/sears-bankruptcy/1595399002/
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    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    Modern buildings can be engineered for wind speed, shear loading, and uplift. But the force of water in horrific storm surge scenarios will destroy (eventually) anything man can design. This reminds me of tsunami equivalent destruction. Unimaginable devastation..... 😲 After this event, I think a lot more people will be leaving in advance of a projected storm like Hurricane Michael. If you don't, you certainly place your life in an extremely high stakes gambling game, or you're a complete idiot. If you choose to stay and somehow manage to survive, you are guaranteed not hours, days, weeks, but possibly months of deprivation of the norms which are now considered part of everyday life. If you think by staying put in an event like this you can magically come out on the top of overwhelming negative odds, you are a fool...... Just one man's opinion...... _______________
  14. Happy Birthday! Have a super day!