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  1. At least you guys have some decent programming in the USA. In Canada we have squat, unless they try to copy one of your programs... And it still stinks.The american pickers show i like.We have the canadian pickers here. It's these two fruit cups from Alberta that i think almost make it a game to see how much they can rip off your average hard working people! I can't even watch these two idiots it gets me in a bad mood all day!! There i need wheelhorse therapy. Out to the shop i go👍
  2. Thanks pfrederi for posting that. See that's what is great about this site, if i had never been a member i would miss a heap of valuable information. I've never heard about a roller chain on a tire before.👌
  3. gt4

    Question for you guys with stacks

    Must be nice to be pulling a plow this time of year. Where i live we were fighting this damn ice storm😡
  4. gt4


    Hey 953nut, those links were very,very helpful. Thanks very much for posting those👌
  5. gt4

    Sandblaster/air compressor

    That would be neat if that worked Dennis. Try it out and take a video. 👍
  6. gt4

    Sandblaster/air compressor

    Thanks for all the valuable info on this guy's. I'm glad i asked you all about this,as i think i may have cheaped out and minimal sized everthing. This gives me lots to think about and i'm sure i can make a proper decision now. Thanks again. Paul
  7. Been thinking about getting a sandblaster for for some wheelhorse parts. What would you say would be the minimum size air compressor i could get away with,or would anyone want to show there sandblaster/ air compressor set up
  8. gt4

    Uh oh....

    Yep! That looks great right where it is👍
  9. Hey guys, i stumbled over this muffler in my garage when i was trying to clean things up a bit.it's got a 3/4 x 4" nipple attached to it, and i have no idea where or when i got it or what it's off of. So i was wondering if anybody has one,or seen one like it and could tell me what its from. Thank you.
  10. gt4

    New gem

    Thats great cleat! There's always something special about bringing a grandfather,father,uncle,etc. Back to life again 👍
  11. gt4

    No google search

    Thank You...Two little words, but they have a big impact,and go along way! In my opinion.
  12. Happy Birthday Ed. Although I've never met you i feel I've known you a long time.I thank you and value all your help,tips,and expertise on this forum. Hopefully i'll meet you and a lot of others at "the big show" one day. Have great day! Paul
  13. Ya your right. I didn't think about that... Maybe she won😢
  14. Nice looking crew! When i saw this, i showed the wife and said, now see this fella has it right...one tractor for each job. She rolled her eyes. Then i went to her shoes,and said seems like all these different pair of shoes have only one job each to do. Then she looked at me and smiled, with no comment.....I win! I think I'll look for another wheelhorse!👍😝