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  1. Pierrepont

    Xi series snowblower

    Hello, I can help.
  2. Pierrepont

    5xi Snow Cab - NOS

    I have a Brand NEW, in box, Snow Cab for a 5xi tractor. $899
  3. Pierrepont

    5xi Brand New 60" Mower Deck

    I continue to sell-off my extensive 5xi collection of attachments. Brand New 60" deck now available. NOTE: Painted New Holland factory blue. $1,390 Thanks. (More FOR SALE attachments coming)
  4. PM sent
  5. Pierrepont

    New to me 520Lxi now needs repair

    How is your axle repair coming along?
  6. Pierrepont

    5xi NEW Mower Decks 42"

    Sorry, no.
  7. Pierrepont

    5xi NEW Mower Decks 42"

    Hello, I will photograph later today. Thanks.
  8. Pierrepont

    5xi Arm Rests for Seat

    Unused pair of seat Arm Rests for 5xi tractor. I've been collecting Toro Wheel Horse tractors for 15 years. We recently moved to a small retirement home and I have been selling the collection.
  9. Pierrepont

    5xi USED 60" MOWER Deck

    5xi MOWER Deck. USED. 60" Rebuilt 2 years ago. $890
  10. Pierrepont

    5xi NEW Mower Decks 42"

    I have two NEW, unused 42" mower decks for 5xi tractors. (One is factory painted New Holland blue) For 15 years I collected Toro Wheel Horse tractors and attachments. We have now moved to a small retirement property and I've been selling the collection.
  11. Pierrepont

    5xi Snow / Dozer Blade

    I just purchased a nice 5xi snow / dozer blade. I could not help myself --I bought it even though we are in the middle of moving to a much smaller home and I don't need it! $350 zipcode 13114
  12. Pierrepont

    5 xi snow plow blade

    Hello, I've got a 5xi snow blade I'd sell. Good shape. We're just outside of Syracuse.
  13. I have TWO factory Snow / Dozer blades for 5xi tractors. Good shape. You buy two for one money. $590 total FOR BOTH. Thanks.
  14. As always, the selling price will reflect the Wants and Needs of the buyer and seller.
  15. I'd bid up to $1,950 but would hope I could keep the bid under $1,800.