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    1960 Suburban, (2) 1-0120-8`s 1/w front dozer blade, 1/w mower deck, 1965 1075 w/ deck, 1984 GT1600 w/mower deck. Oh,,,, 1969 J.D. 110 that has its own quarters.
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    1960 suburban

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  1. hermitman

    Drop Spreader

    Just got a drop spreader from a friend that is about 35 years old. It's been in his barn forever. He painted it Ford blue years ago and can't remember what make it was. While cleaning it up to put proper color on it (red),,, I found original paint was a red. The only distinguishing mark I could find was on each side, there is an indented stamp that looks like a wide triangle. It also has a s.s. bottom. Any ideas what make it may be ?? Thanks as always. G.
  2. hermitman

    Prayers needed

    Well said Dennis, all prayers to the family !! Gary and Aaron.
  3. hermitman

    2017 Gardens

    Peas, asparagus, and horseradish up and doing well. Still to wet to till though. Maybe next week!!
  4. hermitman

    Best penetrating oil

    Personally, I like Sea Foams Deep Creep. The best I ever used though was given to me by a Canadian customer when living in Florida. Nutsy Lube! As with all of them, patience is the best remedy!
  5. Jim, good evening. I'm in for the night but will get all the measurements for you in a.m. We've put that on hold for a minute. Working on project for a friend. widening fenders on a B-81 10" for wider tires. We took bucket off for snowplowing this week. Didn't have to use it yet!!
  6. Slim67,,, have been wondering how you got along today! Sounds like all went well.. GOD BLESS and sleep well from down here in Mansfield O. All you or yours need to call if you need anything, we're only a short drive away. Night.. Pops the Hermitman
  7. I have too many grandkids running around.... I don't need any horse's chasing them!! working on a second for my first Suburban tonite... welll that' got a good start. Have to go to school with her in morning and explain to class why I'm an immigrant........after 4 generations.. This should be good! Hermitman out;;
  8. this is an old suburban and even with fenders installed ( they're very small ) you can easily reach down with left hand and swivel it around.
  9. Had to wait for paint to dry ! Here it is installed. Have trouble with close ups. I shake a bit. Good for doing points bad for pics!!!
  10. I haven't seen this so someone let me know if its been done before please. I removed lower brake band bolt and fabbed a small plate that swings up or down. Depress brake and swing it down, brake is locked. Swing it up when ready to go.
  11. hermitman

    Serial Number ?

    Finally was able to make out last number serial no. is 39918 1960 Suburban. Whew!!
  12. Can't help on tranny, but God bless you for considering an elder neighbor!!
  13. hermitman

    What are your other hobbies?

    Hmmmm.. Let me see, when not in garage working on g.t.'s I collect dust. Quite satisfying! Love the train layout. Awesome Work.
  14. Welds look 110% better than when I tried using my sons!! Looked like Chicken poo!! Practice is the best teacher. On color topic, my buddy brought a can of Rusto, Colonial Red over and we hit the back corner of my 1075. It dried almost identical! I was shocked.
  15. hermitman

    Anybody else do this?

    Yup,, We also keep an extra sheet just for parts, paint and anything else so we know exactly what we have in each one. Except labor,,,that's just to scary to add up!