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  1. Retired Sparky

    Wheel hub bolt grade ?

    I'm looking to replace the bolts that hold the wheel hubs on the rear axles of my '86 310-8. Can someone tell me what grade of bolt to get, the old square headed bolts don't offer much info. This time I'm going hex head. Being hex head, I now have a torque value I can use.
  2. Retired Sparky

    Any Ideas

    I feel your pain. N3PUY has the right fix. All you need is the materials, the tools and the experience. I had the same problem with my tractor. Fortunately I had the skills and could borrow a welder. Try the local coffee shop or the sandwich shop or pizza place for a pin up board. You might be surprised at what you might find for back yard mechanics. Chances are good that some one who works in a motor cycle shop or auto body place has a welder at home. You buy the metal he needs and a six pack, he might even come to your house to do the repairs. Don't laugh, it could happen. Some gear heads will do some amazing things. Especially if you show you love your tractor as much as he might love his cycle. Good luck in finding your new friend.
  3. Retired Sparky

    What's it worth?

    Thanks everyone for your in put. My neighbor is just looking to get things out out of her barn.
  4. Retired Sparky

    What's it worth?

    Thanks for your input.
  5. Retired Sparky

    Built from scratch & just Amazing!

    This has been a hot dry summer for us. The summer heat is peeking for us. I'm sure not as bad as you in VA. Here is a couple of pics of our flower & veggie gardens . I'm off to the Twin Cities tomorrow to visit our son's family for a few days. I'm bringing his 12 yr. old son back for some salt water fishing, Civil War Fort exploring, a big family cook out, swimming & cycling even some gardening chores. There will be a local county fair to attend. We have fire wood to split and fire wood to stack in the work shop. He's kind of a city boy. I don't know if he has ever seen the stars at night. I have a 1/4 acre pond out back, we'll see the stars when we have a camp fire some evening. We don't have any sidewalks in front of our house or any street lights. I'm going to get him so tired, he'll be begging to go back home. He has an older and younger sister. I'm going to expose him to as much of the natural world that I know. Hopefully this visit will give him time to decompress and find some inner strenght.
  6. Retired Sparky

    Built from scratch & just Amazing!

    Thank you Dennis, I am just in awe at the talent of some of the people that belong to this club. Obviously this man does this kind or work on a regular basis. Thank you again, that was a wonderful show. Hey Pard, how are those onions doing? How is your summer going?
  7. Retired Sparky

    What's it worth?

    I looked on line, it is a dead ringer for the 2016 Sears 5 hp. tiller. Today's price: $749. New at Sears $749. They look a lot alike don't they?
  8. Retired Sparky

    What's it worth?

    I really need a value. Is it worth $100 or $150. These folks need a reasonable value so they can sell it.
  9. Retired Sparky

    What's it worth?

    I have a neighbor that is emptying out their garage. They have a 5 hp. self propelled tiller they want to sell. It's not for me, I already have two. Can some one give it a value. Thanks.
  10. Retired Sparky

    fuel cap

    Scroll down about half down the home page. Look for Classifides. in that box you will see Vendors. All kids of parts still available. Also let me say Hello and To
  11. Retired Sparky

    420-lse thread

    That is so sweet. I'd save that one for a parade. Hope you have another that mows the lawn? That one is too pretty to get dirty.
  12. Retired Sparky

    Shroom or Toad stool

    Doesn't look like the kind I'd put in an iron pan with some butter. There is too much color on the bottom. Safe rule is: the bottom should be white or pink. That one looks a little brown to me.
  13. Retired Sparky


    That's a great little shredder and that Wheel Horse in the door way with the front end loader is just the bomb. (that means I like it. ) I'd like another view of that hood ornament. While I'm here I'll say Hello & To . Looks like you have found more friends then you count.
  14. Retired Sparky

    Tow behind York rake

    Let me be the first to say Hello & To
  15. Retired Sparky

    Some More 2016 Show Pictures

    Great photos, Lane. Thanks