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  1. I took the drawbar off a couple years ago to modify it, so i should be good there.
  2. The slot hitch changed over the years? Shoot I didn't realize that, the one i ordered is from a C-160. Thanks for your input. Right now the ball/receiver hitch is my lowest priority so I'm going to focus on getting a plow and tiller working first and then decide if the receiver is worth the effort. I don't want to be removing/installing a complete receiver all the time just to move a trailer around the yard. I could make a ball adapter for the drawbar and just use my truck for the heavier trailers.
  3. Could a moderator move this to the implement/attachement section? I realized i put this in the wrong section. Anyway, i sourced this plow locally over the weekend. I have my doubts this is an actual wheel horse implement, but that won’t affect its ability to do the job. Also ordered a slot hitch from ebay. Next i need to research and order the lift cable components. Is this everything i need? https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/hitches-liftkits.html#!/Toro-Wheel-horse-Rock-shaft-kit-man-trans-short-clevis-READ-DESCRIPTION-w-Tube/p/84960096/category=23548047
  4. JoeliusZ28

    Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    Thank you! OK i found some on ebay.
  5. JoeliusZ28

    Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    Does anyone have a picture of how the wheel horse style sleeve hitch plows attach? (as opposed to the brinly style hitch?) Found one local to me but I'm not sure how they connect and lift with the draw bar I can't seem to find any pictures showing the attachment. Edit: maybe slot hitch is the correct term. Where can i find one?
  6. JoeliusZ28

    Steel Chains vs Rubber Chains.

    Interesting, I don't use a pushblade with my tractor but my rubber chains have yet to get stuck in anything so far. I just switched to a liquid filled ATV tire so I'm not sure i'll need to use chains at all anymore.
  7. JoeliusZ28

    48" SD mowing deck for tiller or rear plow

    As title states. I have a 48" deck from an 89 414-8 in good working condition I'd like to trade for a tiller setup for the same tractor. Will also trade for a rear plow (garden kind not a blade). Needs to be sleeve hitch style. Will trade straight up if the sleeve hitch is included, would need some cash on top for just the plow. Will get pictures on request, thank you!
  8. Hey all, Next season I'm looking to expand my garden significantly so I'd like to put the tractor to work instead of my back. I'm planning to work an area that will be roughly 60x10 feet in size. I'm looking at hitch attachments and I'm wondering if its possible to gear up the tractor for everything I plan on doing without having to swap out various hitch assemblies all the time. I'd like the tractor to be able to do all of the following: Pull full size trailers (with a receiver hitch) Pull a lawn aerator (currently own, attaches to drawbar, or perhaps a drawbar adapter) Single blade plow (Need to buy, I'm assuming most attach with a brinly style sleeve hitch) Tiller - I need to buy one of these and I'm not sure how they attach. *Maybe* a disc or cultivator that lifts with the drawbar on a sleeve hitch. I think I might be able to get away with skipping this one with the ground I have. I only want to buy whats necessary since my storage space is very limited. Is it possible to have all three of those hitches on the tractor at once? I've seen multiple machines with two, but haven't seen any with three. If I have to sacrifice one, it will probably be the receiver hitch. Also, if i were to buy a used tiller with the lift components, do some of those components also work for the sleeve hitch and/or tiller? Trying to figure out what I need to buy to make this all work, it looks like the supporting vendors here carry a lot of this stuff. Any advice is appreciated! Picture of the tractor as it sits for the heckovit!
  9. Just got these installed last week, they're Maxxis Bighorn 2.0's in 23x8-12. I couldn't find *any* pictures of this tire mounted on a tractor anywhere, so I figured I'd post them up for others to reference. I'm regretting not going with the 10" wide size as they ended up being a little narrower than i expected (they look narrower than the stock tire to me) and I don't think the extra width would have sacrificed any traction. That said, I'm confident they're going to work just fine. They are filled to the top with beet juice and have quite a bit of weight to them. I use this tractor to cut grass, run the snowthrower, and I am hoping to use it for plowing/discing my garden this spring too. Was planning to use my wheel weights in combination with this but I don't even think it will be necessary.
  10. JoeliusZ28

    42" deck belt & blade sizes?

    Sorry, the "doesn't fit" comment referred to the 48" deck not fitting in the bed of my truck when its mounted on the tractor. The deck fits the tractor, its been used that way for years :). Thanks for the PDFs and part number. It looks like it only references one drive belt so the one I have should work then. I see 14 and 16 inch blades so im guessing the 42 uses 14s. I think the shop near my house will be able to find them for me. Thanks!
  11. Hey All, I just picked up a bare 42" SD mowing deck i want to put on my 414-8 so it will fit in the bed of my truck. My tractor currently has a 48" (that doesn't fit). Does anyone know if the PTO drive belt or blades are interchangeable? If not what size belt / blades do i need? Thanks!
  12. JoeliusZ28

    Tire Chains

    I bought rubber chains at the recommendation of this site and i highly recommend them. they for sure provide more traction on asphalt than a traditional chain and they dont mark the driveway. I would not want to run the standard 4-link rubber chain for cutting grass though... too bouncy. 2 link maybe.
  13. JoeliusZ28

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    Haha, I actually have two more plates sitting in the garage (I originally bought 4 25 pounders so 100 pounds total) but I'm trying to run as little weight as possible on the hitch mount because I don't want to crack the transmission case even though I modified the draw bar to distribute the weight better. Tractor did much better this year with 50 lbs on the hitch with chains than it did last year with no chains and 75/100 lbs on the hitch. So I'm probably just going to recycle those two plates into my workout equipment.
  14. JoeliusZ28

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    I see a couple of you are also squarebody chevy owners! Here's my setup, 89 414-8. Finally have the setup dialed in pretty well, it hasnt gotten stuck one time this year.