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  1. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    Machine was in rough shape when i got it. It sat in a friends shed for years. He was gonna scrap it and I decided if I could get it running I'll use it to roto-till my garden. Well once I got it running, well you know the rest, complete restoration, transmission, engine, every nut and bolt. Transmission lever I believe it was just set on there for the time being. Started around the end of September, finished about 2 weeks ago. Gonna go look at 2 more up in Dudley Mass. this Saturday. Not sure what they are. Thanks
  2. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    I have finally finished the restoration on my 72 Raider. I want to thank FunEngineer, Vinyl Guy, A-Z Tractor, and most of all, Glen Pettit.
  3. mcurran

    wheel horse c-121 hood

    Dubay's Tractor in Killingly Connecticut has several used hoods in stock. He may have what your looking for.
  4. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp looking for a seat

    looking for a original or close to it seat for my 72 raider in good condition. Thanks
  5. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    I am looking for a seat to finish my restoration of the 72 Raider. Can anyone tell me if there was any kind of suspension under this seat, and where I can find a seat be used in good shape or new that resembles what was once on there? Thanks
  6. Much better than the one I have. This will work. Its what I've been looking for. Lets get together so I can purchase this from you. I've spent months looking for this piece, thanks so much, mike.
  7. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    Looking for a plastic Dash for my 72 Raider.
  8. mcurran

    36" Mow deck for raider 8

    I have what I believe is a 42" that came off my Raider 14, do you think it will fit? Its in good condition.
  9. mcurran

    Selling off most of collection

    looking for a plastic dash piece and a steering wheel insert for a 72 raider have anything or know someone who does? Thanks
  10. Would you by any chance have a plastic dash and steering wheel insert for a 72 raider
  11. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    I am in the process of contacting him now. thanks Thanks for helping out. My shaft is 3/4" with two flat sides, if you know what I mean for the brake drum. I ran in to someone saturday and he thought I could get them at napa. I'll let you know how i make out. Thanks again
  12. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

    looking for parts for a 5060 six speed transmission, wheel horse part # needle bearings, 1526, 1530, 1531. Brake drum 3902. any info would be appreciated.
  13. mcurran

    72 Raider 14hp

  14. mcurran

    1972 Raider

    am interested as long as it has the center cap, wheel horse emblem. thanks
  15. i just drove through andover the other day. i live in moosup. do you know of any one in ct, that's close to us that would have wheelhorse parts,