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  1. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    i did check the throtle shaft play, and there doesnt seem to be any, sprayed around it and no change, same with around the gasket, no change, as far as where i got the pulse for the new pump, i made a plate that fit over the old fuel pump location, and drilled and tapped it so it would take a nipple for the vaccume line, and ran it to the pump, the pump works fine, i think i may just need to get a new carb, this one may just be wore out,
  2. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    float was fine in it, set right, i got it to run better, reset the valve lash, they were too wide, re set the points, it idles just fine, but speeding it up, it will hesitate, then go, BUT when you put it under load, it will run fine for a few minutes, then start to spit and sputter, i converted it to a new pulse pump, new filter, so im still at a loss, adjusted the carb every way i can, and it will run good, then after a while, it will act up, changed the condenser, same thing, even new coil, coil wire as well
  3. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    i did put on a new filter, and checked the connections, and ran new fuel lines, i will check valve clearances, and do a little tweaking on the carb tomorrow, and see what happens
  4. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    i have not checked that, ill leave the cap off drain the tank, and lines and put in new gas and see what happens
  5. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    it does this when it idles or high rev, the drive belt is off of it at the moment, had to get a new one cause the old one was in bad shape
  6. Rev.Mike

    Kohler 241as problem

    im having a problem with my kohler, it starts and runs fine, but sometimes it will run smooth then bog down like under a load, then smooth out, ive checked for vacume leaks and checked the points gap and cleaned the carb, dont find anything wrong, any idea guys