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  1. shadyady

    Wheel Horse D200 with Kwik Way Loader

  2. ive noticed I'm glad I came and took a look also
  3. shadyady

    hello from Huddersfield uk

    wheelhorses in usa I have seen here selling for £350 are selling there for as little as 40 dollars £27.00 our money and there's a huge choice of machines there currently sorting a sale on a 61 horse a ballbreaker as James called It he will know better than me
  4. shadyady

    hello from Huddersfield uk

    hi mark yes I will keep you all informed I feel I coil make a decent sideline with these along with my present job not to mention access to all best bits some really decent people on this group and very helpful diggerjames is willing to help take delivery of the container and assist in the unloading of the machines machines varies from 1961 to 1984 at present and I have found 5 lookin for 11 more in and around the Texas and missisipi areas maximum per tractor is 200 dollars
  5. I intend to buy sell break and keep them horse a lot of the advice and how to info came from here plus a contact I already repair machines for has a shop in Manchester but also lived in Texas and came home ten years ago he has friends in missisipi and also Texas willing to wash and drain all fluids ,and load the container however I have also been in touch with a guy called Paul hes a American shipper and very helpful and able to arrange the collection and loading at the Mississippi location then onto the boat for shipment uk company's want £3200 for 20ft container Paul in the us wants 2400 dollars time to ship can take 11 days and will land in Liverpool where the lory will bring container to my house I have 2 hrs to unload after that £95 per hour charge container will hold 8 single stacked or 16 double stacked wheelhorse can be bought for as little as 40 dollas £27 the code for export I have been given is for classic tractor for parts or restoration from the hmrc this also reduces tax yes it is the c-141 i stand corrected
  6. c140 was bought from us ill have and put pics up when it arrives its difficult at min as I have to find 16 wheelhorses to bring over in a container to make it worth while so far I have five this was first one I bought
  7. shadyady

    hello from Huddersfield uk

    thanks mate its only a 20ft container
  8. hi yes I must agree the cost of advice and honest help and info is well worth the cost and ill become a supporter. Thanks guys
  9. shadyady

    help and advice wanted

    Aberdeen to Southampton docks for collection in uk hes a American lol
  10. shadyady

    what model and year is the v8 version pls?

    I feel the exact same way with all Wheelhorse I see for sale your way , and some great machines
  11. shadyady

    hello from Huddersfield uk

    thanks jc
  12. shadyady

    what model and year is the v8 version pls?

    I hope to get there also be great to meet you all
  13. how? And whats the benefits of a supporter please