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    Have 50" mid-mount grader and original-design gravel grader.
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  1. The obvious--why not go with a muffler that can be mounted using "the two bolt holes" on either side of the exhaust port?
  2. Hey Digger66, The rig is light enough to be able to dump contents without special provision. BTW, you could use small hose clamps to secure the wheels to the axle instead of shaft collars. This wagon is really utilitarian for odd yard jobs.
  3. Eric- All you need to convert the barrow to a trailer is a visit to Harbour Freight for wheels, a 5/8" rod, U-bolts, shaft collars, and steel for a tow bar. Not seen in my photo are two small wheels towards the front so that the rig can also be pulled along by hand without a prime mover. When attached to a PM, the small wheels clear the ground.
  4. I pay too much on stuff at flea markets with this rig.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/chris.arco...id=1528749248824078&notif_t=tagged_with_story
  6. tarcoleo

    Tach o matic issues with C-85 mower deck

    I use a spring-loaded clamp to hold the fork in an up-right position so that when I pull the deck up it will latch properly. Be sure then that the latches on the hitch plate are closed and secured with spring clips on both sides.
  7. tarcoleo

    Quick Fixes

    953 nut "By the book, by the boom."
  8. tarcoleo

    Quick Fixes

    The handiest thing in the world might be small stainless hose clamps. They can be used to retain wheels on spindles instead of those "c" clips. They can be used in emergency to retain balls in worn tie rod ends. They work on mowing deck lifts to prevent the central deck spindle grease fitting from rubbing on the deck lift lever and destroying the grease fitting. Work for me, especially in a jam. -Tom
  9. Pics and details upon request. Items in Rhode Island. Equipment installed on wheels ready to use. 401-635-2454 $800
  10. tarcoleo

    Mowing In Air Conditioned Comfort

    The door seems to have a shoelace hinge?
  11. tarcoleo

    PTO clutch material thickness ? C195

    Your friendly Deere dealer has clutch facings that can be fitted to the WH pto with just a little ingenuity. Take your old one in hand and see what he has that might do. The thickness is not critical but you will have to decide to use a glue or rivets or both perhaps.
  12. tarcoleo

    60" mower deck for Mid mount Grader Blade

    Have 50" mid-mount grader and would trade for a 48" deck, not a 60" one. Have one? In southern Rhode Island
  13. tarcoleo

    Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    Previous post refers to discussion about these roller bearings. Click away