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    Bought new '97 520H Anniversary , '95 520H ,2 stage snow blower, 36" tiller, 54" front blade , 2 48" mower decks , 2 discs, 10" Brinly plow, sleeve hitch 42"box blade and 48" York rake, 48" Brinly style rear grader blade.
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  1. WVHillbilly520H

    Removing Winter Storm Diego

    Really have to thank the wife without her I'm just chucking snow without the show now off the ...BTW there was a 2stage on CL in my area the day after the snow storm.
  2. WVHillbilly520H

    36” Tiller

    @JaysHorse, I believe they are pretty much the same, you seem to be missing the rear idler pulley but here's the one used on my 520H..
  3. WVHillbilly520H

    What do you guys use?

    I know "Bondo" is a brand but it really is just a generic way of saying plastic body filler at least from my short stint at body shop work ...
  4. WVHillbilly520H

    Removing Winter Storm Diego

    Bob, I got my inspiration right here, there have been many others on here whether an older long frame B/C series or newer 3/4/500 series or even the last xi series cabs and blowers, really awesome machines, just hope when I get the eMax Kubota blade/blower set up it does just as good will definitely be looking into a soft cab for it as well.
  5. WVHillbilly520H

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Either way it fit perfectly from the 312-8 to the 520H...
  6. WVHillbilly520H

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Same belt 5/8"x 83", Toro # 114895, they do route differently the 8spd you need to actually remove the foot rest where of course the hydro the cooling fan, but yes I swapped it no issues.
  7. WVHillbilly520H

    Good CandidateTractor for a K482 Twin

    Any gear drive as there were a few C and 4/500 series with opposed twins for power.
  8. WVHillbilly520H

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I have noticed for a while a rubber burning smell coming from the "Good Friday 520" while moving, I tore into it today to change out rear tires and found the super cheap eBay drive belt I put on it 3 years ago was falling apart, stole the new TORO belt from the 312-8 (I'll get a blue TSC belt to replace that 1) and fixed my issue.
  9. WVHillbilly520H

    New "shoes" for a horse

    Got the Nanco AGs (they will be going on the 315-8 in WV) swapped out for a new pair of the OTRs on "Good Friday 520" today along with getting them filled with methanol (I got charged for 15 gallons so 7+ ea tire) and bolted both sets of iron weights back on as well so mother nature bring on some more snow so I can tell you all the differences.
  10. WVHillbilly520H

    Where would you put your money?

    Just look at this pretty thang...https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/78353-wheelhorse-c195-restored/
  11. WVHillbilly520H

    Where would you put your money?

    The super C is basically a big D built more along lines of the classic long frames ah but then again I'm still a 520 fan through and through with those torquey Onans.
  12. WVHillbilly520H

    Prayers for Wheelhorseman & Family

    Lowell, prayers and well wishes for you and your family and especially young Scottie, the little ones seem to be more resilient than us older folk, Jeff.
  13. WVHillbilly520H

    Where would you put your money?

    Of course my initial reaction would go 520HC, fastest 520 with less gauges being a commercial unit, but the C195 with an opposed twin Kohler and 3 pt hitch would be a sweet edition and engine wise pretty much the same as the C175...just my musings, Jeff.
  14. WVHillbilly520H

    520H Onan dies when warm

    Yes the in tank filter that is on the fuel petcock(shut off valve) could have become corroded from ethanol, the fuel filter could need changing or the pump itself could be weak or even the vacuum hose operating could be loose or a hole it behind the flywheel shroud ,those pumps are cheap enough here...https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282742282069...the rubber fuel lines themselves could be collapsing on the inside from ethanol deterioration lots of things to consider especially with 1700 hrs on it.
  15. WVHillbilly520H

    Large IN dealer auction

    Not just any plow frame but a for a big D series look at the angle adjuster mechanism.