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    Bought new '97 520H Anniversary , '95 520H ,2 stage snow blower, 36" tiller, 54" front blade , 2 48" mower decks , 2 discs, 10" Brinly plow, sleeve hitch 42"box blade and 48" York rake, 48" Brinly style rear grader blade.
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  1. WVHillbilly520H

    Two Stage Anti-Sway Bar

    Which holes are have trouble with...i painted the frame mount black which would stay on the tractor year around and since I didn't get the belt guards I made my one sway bar which has the red and silver bolts plus the pin with hairpin cotter, Jeff.
  2. WVHillbilly520H

    Vintage Trucks

    My old squarebody hauler...C30 sporting a factory 454 big block with A/C and SM465 4spd spinning a PTO to the hydraulic ram lifting the bed.
  3. WVHillbilly520H

    Foot rest pads

    Thanks a bunch Jason!
  4. WVHillbilly520H

    What is this

    Yep, it's a Gravely.
  5. WVHillbilly520H

    I was sooooooo tempted.....

    But that actually looks decent...
  6. WVHillbilly520H

    Sears Bankruptcy

    ...I'm with ya Josh, some things like shoes just can't be tried on over the airwaves...
  7. WVHillbilly520H

    I was sooooooo tempted.....

    What I'm guessing is they want a JD that runs/works like a .
  8. There should be 2 clamps (out board) that hold them fast to the bars going through the frame...the other 2 holes (inboard) are there for a snow cab frame...
  9. A bit more detail of what you are trying to accomplish would help with an answer, if you are looking for another set of foot rests I can help you out just PM me, Jeff. Here's the right one I do have both.
  10. WVHillbilly520H

    60" deck on C-161???

    The tie rods on the 520s (top) are automotive type vs those spindly little 3/8 style on all the others(bottom)...
  11. WVHillbilly520H

    500 series xi blower convert to a 520hc

    BTW, the 5xi series are of the horizontal engine, the difference is the the crankshaft is longitudinal with direct shaft drive vs transverse like the HC with belt driven transaxles, Jeff.
  12. WVHillbilly520H

    500 series xi blower convert to a 520hc

    I honestly believe it's not worth the time and effort, just because the HC/classics snow thrower PTO drive and mounting points are so different from the xi and I've had both series as you can see from my pictures quite the difference, as many of the classic style throwers out there I'd wait for one of those, Jeff.
  13. WVHillbilly520H


    sir, and many more.
  14. WVHillbilly520H

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Where are your thrower extensions so its 42" wide?
  15. WVHillbilly520H

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    They will fit but they may "bulge" a bit at the sidewalls I put (NanKang)10.50s on my dad's Cub with the 7.5" wide wheels here's what they look like...