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  1. Great article, my iso mounts are up for replacement this winter. By the way, how was vibration after you did the modification? Thanks for posting.
  2. JackHorse

    Drive belt came off idler C85

    Thanks for the responses guys. So the tabs and clips should be close to the belt without rubbing ? Maybe 1/2” clearance or less?
  3. Hi Guys, Had a random occurrence this week. Mowing along with my C85 eight speed in 1 low (grass was thick and wet), went to depress clutch and the drive belt jumped off the idler. I've had this tractor 3 years and it's been working great. The belt itself looks good except the top of it was a bit chewed up in a short section which I believe happened after it came off. I put the belt back on and continued to mow with no further issue. Any ideas as to why this would happen or adjustments I might need to make to prevent another incident? Thanks
  4. JackHorse

    Wiring harness/ ignition question

    Thanks for the responses guys, I guess it's one of those things you just have to accept without know why..It does work after all..
  5. JackHorse

    Wiring harness/ ignition question

    If I may add a question to this thread... My 1982 C85 runs great (knock on wood) with no electrical problems but I want to rewire this winter due to a lot of fairly corroded connections I'm seeing. As I'm disassembling things I noted the rectifier red wire is jumped to one of the stator wires at the plug connector...like I said, it's been running fine like this, I'm just curious if this is correct because the wiring diagram is not exactly clear on that. Also how does that work given the stator puts out AC voltage? Thanks
  6. JackHorse

    36" Deck Spindle

    After rebuild. I used original parts, it's working great.
  7. JackHorse

    36" Deck Spindle

    The photo doesn't show it very well but the pulleys are badly corroded. The deck itself is in pretty good shape, good and solid and all parts there. I haven't taken the spindles apart yet but they seem a little tight so I was hoping the shafts and housings are good and just needing to replace the bearings and seals. Those items plus pulleys,belt and blades were about $300. Was looking at those spindle kits as a backup plan if mine turn out to be shot. I'm near Richmond, VA.
  8. JackHorse

    36" Deck Spindle

    Having a hard time justifying $300 to rebuild the spindles and replace pulleys on my deck. The deck is a (i believe) 05-36MS01 on my 1982 C85. I found these kits on Pat's and was wondering if anyone had tried to adapt them to a deck like mine? Thanks