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  1. Im in search of the piece that pins to the mow deck and to the lift arm on tractor to raise and lower the deck.
  2. Thank you for the info!
  3. Looking for a part number and/or belt to run my deck. Need belt that goes on front pto pulley that goes to deck.
  4. buell99

    Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    I believe the float is brass
  5. buell99

    Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    No idea on the valves....I took top of carb off, float seems to be ok, no debris inside...cleaned out orifices where adjustment screws are, sprayed around intake, couldnt detect any leaks
  6. Have a D160 with a Onan.....Was testing the tiller yesterday, and after a few minutes of running, the tractor started losing rpm and power. I raised the tiller and shut pto off and kinda cleared the engine out. But it doesnt want to run smoothly after. Carb looks clean, gas tank is clean, new fuel filter and fuel. Never messed with an onan carburetor, any simple suggestions? Thanks
  7. buell99

    D-160 Axle Seals

    There is a small area between the seals...like a pocket/chamber. So try replacing the seal i took off before dropping trans? Only real Play in the shaft is the normal in/out
  8. Well, all the new trans oil leaked out near the rear tire. Pulled the outer seal (didn't look bad) and I can see another seal. I'm guessing its the inner seal? Also means i have to pull the trans and split it to replace the inner seal I take it? I presume the inner seal holds fluid in and outer seal keeps dust from getting in. Any places of recommendation to find new seals? Also a shop manual?
  9. buell99

    D160 Trans fluid

    What brand do you perfer?
  10. buell99

    D160 Trans fluid

    Thanks for the suggestions. Im itching to get the fluids changed and some fresh gas in this beast.
  11. buell99

    D160 Trans fluid

    Any preferences on what brand of oil? Wanna change the fluids a few times to clean it out. I will definitely get some pics up.
  12. Hello, I just aquired my 1st horse, a D160. Does the transmission take 10W-30? Same fluid run the hydraulics also? Any help is appreciated. Thanks