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  1. kasey54

    Can anyone identify this horse?

    Electric clutch. maybe a charger?
  2. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    Upon redoing my test I discovered (read instructions) the device gives three readouts. Highest, lowest, and final rpm. The final , or 3rd readout seems spot on. It also wants .8 seconds of read time. Im much happier now!
  3. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    Are there any pit falls? I thought maybe the the keyway may have been acting as a second reflector, so wrapped the shaft with masking tape, painted it black and put another piece of reflective tape on, and had the same results. Thoughts please.
  4. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    I bought a non contact photo laser tachometer, how ever it seems in correct. I cut a piece of the provided reflective tape and put it on a good running 1725 rpm baldor motor and it consistently reads 4960 rpm. That isnt right.
  5. kasey54

    Ag Tire Mounting Help

  6. kasey54


    A shot in the dark here. I've had 2 briggs do this and felt the slop in linkage was the issue. I fixed both by putting a very weak spring between the govenor arm, and the throttle arm on the carb. Just enough to hold the slack . Good luck!
  7. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    was looking for one in diagnosing and setting maximum rpm on several tractors.
  8. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    thinking id like one to work electronically but I know nothing about them.
  9. kasey54

    Tachometer suggestions.

    One for diagnostics.
  10. I have decided its time for a tach ,rather than listening and hoping I'm in the right RPM range. What do you all recommend , and why? Thanks in advance.
  11. kasey54

    Quality electric motor brands?

    Hey Sarge, sorry to hear of your burnout. I think one brand these days is as good as the next, however the frame size can be a deal breaker. Your Dayton 213 Frame has an inch and 3 eights shaft size. 184T has 1 inch and an eighth shaft. Each frame size has a different foot print and shaft height as well. Severe duty is a classification that usually designates a totally enclosed motor with provisions such as shaft seals and cast iron endbells , and an external cooling fan. Totally enclosed fan cooled is typically adequate for most compressor duty applications. If your motor/compressor combo has its own room, not exposed to sanding debree, and overspray open drip proof is usually all thats needed. Regal Bennoit now owns all the major motor companies except Baldor , that no longer exists. Hope this helps.
  12. I love mowing, hauling firewood is fantastic. However gardening, tilling, hilling and plowing just cant be beat!
  13. kasey54

    Predator motor from Harbor Freight

    My dad had one, belt drive hydraulics. Worked great BUT had to loosen the belt to start in the cold weather.
  14. kasey54

    New to the forum

    Sure is nice.
  15. kasey54

    Throttle and choke cable alterations.

    Ok , thank you I have always just bent them but thought I'd ask.