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  1. Deadguy

    Happy Birthday Deadguy

    Thank you everyone!
  2. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    There’s nothing in danger of falling into the carb, nothing inside it is loose. The C-shaped bracket with the nubby on top just somehow worked loose from the shaft, allowing the shaft to spin independently of the nubby bracket. Now that I added the tack weld, they are both rotating together again, and the tractor is running great. By the way, who’s Paul?
  3. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Ok, seems to be good now! Thanks guys!
  4. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Ok! So the shaft and plate were rotating independently of the nubby part where the governor linkage attaches. I put a tach weld on where the nub assembly attaches to the shaft, so those parts work together now. Once I get the carb back on, I’ll try it out.
  5. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Ok, so here is the problem. The throttle shaft screws are tight, but the throttle plate still moves somewhat independently of the throttle shaft. When the throttle shaft is in the closed position, the plate will still rotate to nearly into the full throttle position.
  6. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Yes, I am sure the throttle is closed when it is running. I opened the hood and stood over the carb. I even tried opening the throttle by hand (and you should have heard it scream then! And yes the governor slammed the throttle shut when I let go of the throttle linkage) I will pull the carb and check the throttle plate after I get home.
  7. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    How can the governor have any effect on the engine speed when the throttle is being held closed?
  8. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Ok, I get it. Loose throttle plate screws would allow the plate to wobble open a bit when the engine runs, even if the throttle is fully closed. I will check this when I am able to pull the carb off. Thanks!
  9. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    The governor is holding the throttle plate closed. Isn’t that what it is supposed to do? Is there another something that the governor operates?
  10. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    Throttle cable is fine, like I said, the throttle is closed, the governor is holding it closed, even the throttle stop screw is turned out so far that it isn’t even touching the throttle assembly. The engine just screams!
  11. Deadguy

    K341 wants to go too fast

    What would cause a K341 to run at full speed+ even with the throttle completely closed? I took off the air cleaner cover and looked down the intake to make sure the throttle plate was closed, and it is. Any ideas?
  12. Deadguy

    Symco Thresheree?

    Any Red Square members heading to the Symco Thresheree this year? It is supposed to be bigger than ever, and I hope that I don’t have the bulk of all the Wheel Horses at the show again....
  13. Deadguy

    Hydrostatic transmission oil filter

    If you can’t get to NAPA due to their awful business hours, many other auto parts stores have the WIX equivalent part# 51410.
  14. I was. He even showed me a picture of your rat rod Suburban.
  15. Check out the “field expedient” repair on the dash. The ignition switch is held on with a door striker plate and a pull tab from a can.