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  1. rsmall5206

    Help hydro barely moving

    Guys I took my left side rear tire off and the key was gone. Replaced it with a nother key. While I had jacked up I tested it looks like it fixed but haven't done the official test drive waiting on some parts still. I will let you all know if it fixed it. Thank you to everyone
  2. rsmall5206

    Throttle cable c160

    I am looking for a throttle cable for 1976 c160 61-16ks03. Wheel horse part # 101834. Does anyone if they make an aftermaek one or a universal you would suggest? Thanks!
  3. rsmall5206

    Help hydro barely moving

    This tractor was wrecked about 3 years ago. I just now got a new frame and put it back together
  4. My c160 61-16sk03 atuo hydro will barely move. If I push it a little it will go. But it barely moves and will not go on it's own. Any suggestions???
  5. rsmall5206

    Oil c160 hydro

    What kind of oil do you all run the rear of hydro? And how much will it hold? On a 1976 61-16kso03 sn 23867
  6. rsmall5206

    Wiring Harness 106051

    I am looking for part # 106051 wiring harness for a c-120
  7. rsmall5206

    k301 wiring harness

    1977 automatic
  8. rsmall5206

    k301 wiring harness

    anybody know where I can get a wiring harness made for my c-160 with a k301 engine?
  9. anybody know where I can get a wiring harness made for my c-160 with a k301 engine?

  10. rsmall5206

    C-120 Throttle Cable

    Does anybody know the part number for the throttle cable on a c-120 with k301 kohler engine? And also the choke cable as well Thanks
  11. I have a c-160 frame that I am trying to mount my kohler 14 hp motor too. This motor came off of a c-120 frame that got wrecked. I have measured the frame and same length and width but none of the holes match up? Any suggestions would be great!
  12. rsmall5206

    C-160 Hydro Transmission

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. rsmall5206

    BD-4264 Snow Blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. rsmall5206

    BD-4264 Snow Blade

    I have a bd-4264 snow blade for sale. I have all the brackets and everything for it. Asking $75.00 or best offer. Call or text 765-438-2446 or email me at ryrosmll@aol.com
  15. rsmall5206

    C-160 Hydro Transmission

    I have a hydro out of a C-160.Bought the C-160 as a rolling chassis for the frame. Just need the hydro. Looks good but I have never used it. Asking $65.00 or best offer. Call or Text 765-438-2446 or e-mail at ryrosmll@aol.com