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  1. Joemckna82

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Thanks for the information Howie. I have a few vertical power washer engines (Toro and Honda etc..) that had been pulled from power washers laying around that I was able to set under the hood to get an idea as to size. There's plenty of of room to mount in terms of height and width. Same for the vertical Predator engine that I had been looking at. In terms of a proper fitment, the only issue would be the new engine accepting the existing engines drive pulley. I 86'd the existing engine, so I no longer have that as a reference, and have been unable to find the dimensions on-line. If I could find the length of the existing engines shaft, and shaft size, I can attempt to match up to the repower. I contacted Briggs and they sent my request off to Regional weeks ago. Although they manufactured the engine, and I provided all of the # for a look up, not sure they'll be much of a help. I was able to locate the original drive pulley, if that helps. Only questions would be how to obtain the information I need as it translates to the repower. I'm a little outside of my expertise on this one! Thanks again
  2. Joemckna82

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    I can repower with a host of different engines, yes, but the question in terms of an aftermarket repower was which specific engine might work best in this tractor. Was putting my feelers out to see if anyone else had done a repower and could provide a recommendation
  3. Joemckna82

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Hi all, I restored a Wheel Horse A100 a few years back. The engine is shot, and I recently brought it back out of storage to try to find a replacement engine, and or do a re-power. I no longer have the original engine. It's a Briggs engine # 251707 0161-01 76061512 (I was able to pull parts on Briggs up by using # 251707 0161-99). I've sent a number of e-mails off to repower sites as well as Briggs for information. Has anyone done a repower on this particular tractor? I had also been looking for a running parts A100 to pull the motor, but have unable to find one. The deck on mine was also locked up and I'd like to find the mower as well. I know these smaller tractors weren't as popular, but, if anyone has a lead, I'd greatly appreciate it! Tractor turned out great and would love to share it with you all! I'm a few minutes south of Washington D.C in Alexandria, VA. -Joseph
  4. Joemckna82

    New From Northern Virginia

    Thank you all in advance! I'll check these posts (and attachments) out when I return home. I believe this a 1976 A-100. The engine # stamped on the housing is 251707 0161-01 76061512 I was able to pull parts up by using 251707 0161-99
  5. Joemckna82

    New From Northern Virginia

    Hi all! I've been on and off the forums recently looking for an illustration, and or details on how the diode/charging system is wired on my A-100. If you can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it! I've fully restored my A-100, but was able to locate the charging issue. Tractor needed to be re-wired fully, which I did, but I wasn't aware of the diode that had been removed previously. Would love to post pics for you all, and get it back up and running for the kids during Christmas! I'm a long time Sears enthusiast, and have completed a few restorations (I'm a long standing MTF member, links to my restos are in my profile if you're interested). I also recently restored an old Cushman cart. My twin brother went "Green," and tried to pull me in that direction, but I've developed a liking and admiration for these Red machines, which means that the trailer will probably be in use, and the garage will be tighter (when is it not?)!! Pleasure to meet you all, looking forward to spending time here!!