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  1. 62WheelHorse

    Front tachmatic for snowblower

    Looking for the long brackets OR the quick attachment for a 6-1211 snowblower. Thanks!
  2. 62WheelHorse

    Charger 12 snowblower 6-1211

    Those pictures are very helpful. I do not have the front tachmatic and the blower is set up for that style. Does anyone have, or know anyone that has, either mount for sale? Thanks again for the pictures.
  3. Hello RS, I recently picked up this snowblower tag reads 6-1211 for my 68 charger 12. I need some help verifying the length of the mounting brackets. I believe they are part number 6424 on the parts diagram. It looks like the previous owner chopped them down a couple of inches. I tried mounting it today just to be sure all worked well and obviously I'm here so.... pulley hits the front steering and there is too much give in the belt for this to be correct. Can anyone post a picture of a measurement. If all else fails at finding those parts I'll make some out of stock but I'll need the overall length of them. Thanks for any and all help!
  4. 62WheelHorse

    "'79 C-141 "

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. 62WheelHorse

    Steering wheel/Bevel Pinion

    Hello all, I'm looking for a steering wheel for a 1962 model 502 and a bevel pinion for the same model. Part number 4414-Steering Wheel " 3917-Bevel Pinion thanks for any help
  6. 62WheelHorse

    K301 swap

    Hi all, I've been on the hunt for a charger 12 and found one in really good shape except for its previous owner said the engine was blown. Had plans to machine and rebuild but after inspecting it further it has a few cracks in the block. On a side note I wasn't upset as I actually traded an old simplicity and got paid a couple hundred bucks on top of that so I started out ahead on that end I called a local friend/dealer and picked up another k301 but this one came off a gravely (it was a rear mounted hang on) it runs fine I might add. Now for for my questions... I have measured everything between the two and they match well but I'm curious to know if anyone has any input, opinions or tips for the pto side. If you look in the pictures the gravely has a step and the WH does not. I assume the blocks are the same except the gravely was machined for obvious mounting reasons...?? Is it possible to just buy seals and run it like this? I have access to a few machines and could make a ring to make things flush or could use bushings also, I say this as I need to do something to be able to engage the pto clutch. That is if this motor will work. Also, can anyone tell me if this looks to be the original lighter style? It would be really cool if it is the same style and it was still with the tractor after all these years!
  7. 62WheelHorse

    "'79 C-141 "

    Found and was going to use for parts, decided to get running and use to mow while restoring another tractor. Tag on tractor frame makes this a 1979 C-141 (91-14K801). Does not have correct hood. Engine is a Kohler 12hp (K301S/Spec 47147C). Engine has a working solid state ignition (original parts) but block is also drilled for points. Has a 48" mower deck. Using to mow with but wanting to sell or trade. PM me for more info/offers.
  8. 62WheelHorse

    Project 502

    Finding a site like would be nice right about now...!! @pullstart I have lots of photos of the breakdown and plan to take more of the process and repaint as well. Tractor was a barn find with no motor so it's re powered with a Tecumseh H60. I'll be sure to post more pictures when it's done
  9. Hey all, started getting into my 502 to sandblast & repaint, finding more and more issues though. Does anyone know of an online site to buy new old stock parts? I have a botched weld job on one of the steering arms. I'm going to attempt to cut and grind out the old weld and repair but if it doesn't work I'll need a something. According to my manual it's part number 3919 (steering arm). Another part is the bevel pinion part number 3917. Mine still works but has a tooth broken off. Local dealer can't get the parts and I've tried a few sites like Rcpw and such but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. 62WheelHorse

    '62 502 Mower Deck, HELP!

    Yes! Thanks all, that's exactly what I was needing!
  11. Hello all, new to Red Square, I recently bought a 502 with no motor and re-powered with an old H60(can't find the 5.5) and its running great! I've been finding original parts here and there at various steam and tractor shows and the old boys around town with their gold mines of tractors and parts. My question is does anyone have a parts manual and/or breakdown of the mower deck for that year tractor? Im breaking everything down on the deck and tractor to sand blast and paint this summer. Thanks for any help!