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  1. wh1257

    Hi from France

    welcome greetings from belguim
  2. wh1257


    found this video i think a happy familly with this rj 58
  3. wh1257

    High guys from The Netherlands

    nice job and nice tractor
  4. wh1257

    wheel horses at belguim

    yes it is a handy machine only rare to find here in Europe
  5. wh1257

    Play time wheel horse 1054

    thank you this wheel horse was previously sold in France and was delivered with this plow
  6. wh1257

    Play time wheel horse 1054

    Here are more pics
  7. Today testing the two way plow
  8. wh1257

    Commando 8 Glamour shots

    nice job beautiful tractor
  9. wh1257

    wheel horses at belguim

    thank you pics will be follow
  10. wh1257

    wheel horses at belguim

    yes it is very strange that we have found this model and then in Europe this is now also the only known of this model in Europe
  11. here a nice original board never used from a wheel horse 417 - 8
  12. wh1257


    here also a piece of history 5 years ago I visited the toro factory in belgium the wheel horse factory started in 1968 on the first picture you see a piece of the old lodge of the horse the rest of the logo and the name has disappeared because there is annex building. the next photo is one of the last models to build a 416 toro export version
  13. wh1257


    This wheel horse was sold at the time at a dealer in the netherlands the rj 58 that was sold at the time is now in my collection
  14. wh1257

    wheel horses at belguim

    I found these 2 wheel horses d 200 one i found in a barn lonely and leaving the other one stood with a man who no longer wanted to mow one of them was a tiller and a brinly molboard plow the other was a mowing deck an a york rake
  15. wh1257

    Lawn Ranger

    I know a few people who have a wheel horse, we have several times visited the old factory in Belgium, but we do not have a real group here in Belgium