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  1. gtofani

    Cart assembly

    Thanks a cart full.
  2. gtofani

    Cart assembly

    That worked, got assembled with a coat of white lithium grease works great.
  3. gtofani

    Cart assembly

    I know it sounds stupid but I disassembled a cart and now I am second guessing how the dump lever attaches. do I slide the arm through the slotted hole from underneath, or does the whole arm and flat piece sit on top?
  4. gtofani

    replacement engine.

    What engine should I look for for my 67 Lawn Ranger. Would like max power and still use the hood without cutting.
  5. Thanks, I am guessing the threads are 3/8 -16 on the end of the dump rod.
  6. I am looking for the knob that goes on the lever for the WH dump cart. Its just a round knob threaded to screw on. Mine is missing.
  7. gtofani

    1967 wheel horse with tecumseh engine

    yes, lots of fuel , float bowl is full. I found one on ebay. great deal.
  8. gtofani

    1967 wheel horse with tecumseh engine

    found it and ordered it, only 13.99 and that is including shipping. great deal. thanks all.
  9. gtofani

    1967 wheel horse with tecumseh engine

    sorry, thought I did. its a 1967 lawn ranger with a Tecumseh engine
  10. gtofani

    1967 wheel horse with tecumseh engine

    how will I know it fits my engine? or are they pretty much all the same.
  11. I am looking for a place to buy a carburetor rebuild kit for my 1967 wheel horse with a Tecumseh engine. It fires right up with the instant start but is not getting fuel. I figure a carb rebuild would help. Does anyone know a part number or place where I can locate one?
  12. gtofani

    headlight bracket installation

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for some lights that will work on my 67 wheel horse? I have the bracket in place just can't locate any head lights, I know the original ones are almost impossible to find. What else would work and still look good?
  13. gtofani

    My progress

    Thanks, it was a fun project and fast compared to restoring the trucks I usually do. I may have to sell it to recoupe some cash.
  14. gtofani

    My progress

    Here are a few shots of my progress , a few more small items and it's ready to go. Can you guess which is the before image?
  15. gtofani


    Where can I get a set of lights that would look good on my 1967 wheel horse. i have the bracket installed, just need some lights that would work and look good since the vintage lights are next to impossible to find.