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  1. grine_22

    Gardens for 17

    The garden is growing, almost out of control. Already canned pickles, getting ready to start on green beans and peppers and tomatoes shouldn't be too far off.
  2. grine_22

    Gardens for 17

    Got things going for this year. Back garden is planted to potatoes, front garden has onions green beans squash cucumber peppers and tomatoes so far. Still got another garden to get planted but that'll happen after the next rain
  3. grine_22

    2017 Gardens

    Lookin good! Got dry here in OH so ol lady n I got the garden worked n planted 400 onion sets the other day. Gonna be a good year
  4. grine_22

    Homemade ripping tool.

    When I got the tractor from the old lady's grandpa he had concrete weights in the tires, might need to put them back on. I'll sleep on things a night or 2. I now know the cylinder will hold up better than I expected though so that's a plus.
  5. grine_22

    Homemade ripping tool.

    No vids yet. Wiring needs done. Dunno if I want something permanent or that I can unplug and go. Tested it out, found couple things, 1 the grounds wet but I think i need more weight it starts spinning when I get 2 inches deep, 2 see if weight helps or remove a time or 2 and just make more passes. Cylinder shouldn't have a problem with pushing to dig and everything's just bolted in place for testing right now. But need to either load the tires or add weights to the rear end somehow to help give me better traction
  6. Made a tool to help loosen up the garden in the spring and fall. Ordered an electric actuator that I saw on a different idea. Next step is testing it out to see how it works. The "3 point" is bolted on top of the rear axle to the attach a matic and seems sturdy, enough it lifts the tractor off the ground.
  7. grine_22

    2017 Gardens

    Here's the 2 gardens at home waiting to get the goat manure worked in. Front is for veggies, back is for potatoes. We are going to plant carrots and beets at her grandparents since they don't use their gardens anymore
  8. grine_22

    2017 Gardens

    I've got a 310-8 so I don't have luxury of a 3 point, but I'm making something similar with a heavy duty electric actuator and frame attached to the rear axle. Still need to decide if I want to weld the bar with teeth on permanently, or bolt it to something so I can use the frame for other things as well...
  9. grine_22

    2017 Gardens

    Northwest ohio is still pretty soggy. Got plenty of time to dry out before I start getting excited. But I am almost finished building a pull type garden tool to help work the soil up. If the woman would just understand and let me have more welder time...
  10. grine_22

    2017 Gardens

    Haven't worked ground yet, but I helped the woman start peppers and tomatoes. She didnt think to mark down what she started so now we've got around 100 pepper plants and 50 tomatoes....dunno what kind of peppers we will have but should have enough
  11. Can't wait to see how it comes along.
  12. grine_22

    1054 to the rescue.... Again

    Don't worry, just south of the border here in Oh we had very little snow last night, rain ice and wind most of the day
  13. grine_22

    Brain fart

    New stator and RR on the tractor and wire up, 14.4 volts at battery when throttled up, charging system is good to go now
  14. grine_22

    Brain fart

    Got bored tonight and tinkered around. Used continuity tester n traced all the wires through the connector from the stator. Got everything marked and ready for rewiring once the new parts come in.
  15. grine_22

    Brain fart

    Thanks. Pulling flywheel is no big deal. Got the parts ordered so once they are in I will get things switched around. Thanks for the help!