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  1. ronscat

    Some Wheel Horse pullers

    What you can't see in the "Tweety Horse" picture is that is a cute little girl about 20 yrs old on her first pull. She did pretty good for herself. :omg:
  2. ronscat

    Some Wheel Horse pullers

    The class he is in says "may start at 6 yrs old if they can handle the tractor." I don't know about the kids age but looked younger than that to me.
  3. ronscat

    Some Wheel Horse pullers

    A few of the guys including one little bitty puller:
  4. ronscat

    Pull Report from South Ga

    Thanks for the comments, guys. This wasn't our first pull of the year. Our first pull of the year took place on January 1st. There were pullers there from several States. (I wasn't there - had a stomach virus right during that time). This was just the first time I took some pictures. Our next pull is out from Nicholls, Ga on March 27th. I think they intend to race lawn mowers before the tractor pulling. Call Harold Thomas at 912-632-5496 for more info. :omg:
  5. ronscat


    Nice find. Never seen one of them around here. Ron
  6. ronscat

    Pull Report from South Ga

    As the son said about his Dad getting beat - the brown truck is rolling some new gears to his Dad. We have another pull on the 27th. We will watch that little inter-family contest. :omg:
  7. ronscat

    Pull Report from South Ga

    We have tracks in Springfield, Baxley, Rochelle, Alma, and Nicholls. My batterys died so only have a few more pics. I forgot about the one other Wheelhorse: Another Wheelhorse: Smokers (diesels): This is what the son told his Dad would happen. He told him that when he outpulled him that he should bring extra tissues because he knew his Dad was gonna be crying after his V-twin Kohler whupped his Dad's V-twin Vanguard. The son beat his Dad both rounds! The son said he expected the UPS truck would be delivering performance parts for the next two weeks to his Dad's house...
  8. ronscat

    Pull Report from South Ga

    It was a wet cool day, but the show went on. I pulled my stocker in a class of 10. Got 3rd. Photos of my Wheel Horse with the modified frame and kawasaki v-twin: hooking up On out the door: I got a few other pics but they ain't wheel horses if you want I can throw a few more up here. Ron
  9. ronscat

    18HP Puller comes home

    Keith, Just wondering if there have been any mods to the 18 OHV head? I saw a really nice modified 18 single a few years back on a guy's tractor from N.C. He named his tractor: "Dr Full Pull". It was a really pretty tractor (although it was a Cub Cadet), and pulled super nice too with the aftermarket head he had on it. Nice looking herd you have there. Ron
  10. ronscat

    Something broke!

    Just an update. Pulled at a "test-n'-tune" day this past Saturday for the 1st time out with the 8-spd transmission. I really like the way the limited slip worked. Now I can turn around on less than an acre, and both rear tires hooked up nicely. We got a money pull on Feb 13th, so just needed to check my tractor out since it hasn't pulled in a few months. Ron
  11. ronscat

    First pic!

    Ok, I stand corrected about the "stock" classes. I wouldn't run ungoverned classes without steel there though. Ron
  12. ronscat

    First pic!

    Joel, Your tractor looks great - nice paint job. I can't recommend at all that you run the kohler without a steel flywheel or a steel cover over the flywheel. We had a guy that pulled with our club that got seriously hurt with a cast flywheel that disintegrated. I put the pictures up of what happened to his tractor on Bill Marrison's pulling site. What happened to him was not good. Note that flywheel is right by your left foot! I don't mean to alarm you but safety for every one should be a priority. Ron
  13. ronscat

    AG Tires

    Audioshot, Glad to have you on the forum and some really good info. Do you have any info on whether someone is gonna build the Carlisle "Super Lug" tire now that supposedly Carlisle has quit building that particular tire (or maybe just the 26x12x12 sized tire)? That is a very popular tire with the non-high hp garden tractor pulling crowd (including me). Thanks, Ron
  14. ronscat

    New guy here..

    Like you - I had two horses when I joined this site - now the two tractors has multiplied by two. There seems to always be some one to give advice if you ask a question, or make any comment on here. Good luck with your herd and as everyone has said - your herd may expand! Ron
  15. ronscat


    Thanks, free is always good. Here is a picture of the older Sears Custom and it's buddy in the background: