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  1. AlwaysLookin80

    Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    I’ll bring my daughters suburban I restored for her. I’m in northern Indiana. I’m looking for a 64 and older horse to buy to restore too so if there’s one there I’d be interested. Here’s a few others I’ve restored. If something annual comes around every year I’ll attend every year.
  2. AlwaysLookin80

    RJ refresh

    Awesome resto project. I love RJs and Suburbans
  3. AlwaysLookin80

    Wheel horse suburban

    Awesome tractor. I wish you were closer .
  4. AlwaysLookin80

    Rj 35 reverse

    Did all rj 35s come with reverse gear or not. And are they hard to get into reverse? Thank you
  5. AlwaysLookin80

    A 753...

    I don't know the winters are getting warmer and warmer
  6. AlwaysLookin80

    702 Appraisal

    600 all day long
  7. AlwaysLookin80

    A 753...

    You know my boss??
  8. AlwaysLookin80

    A 753...

    A few beers and a couple of buddy's was what happened with the wall. 😂. As for the 753, honestly the last time it ran was when I picked it up from Scott. I brought it home, put the tires and hubcaps on it, put the hy-2 kit on it and there it sat for about 6 months because I was restoring my rj35. Oh yeah and I put the hood bolts on and found that nice seat too. They were incorrect.
  9. AlwaysLookin80

    A 753...

    I put those tires on it right after I got it. Glad your happy and it has a good home.
  10. AlwaysLookin80

    Wheel Horse parts

    Changed Price to 60 60 for everything. Dropped the price.
  11. AlwaysLookin80

    Wheel Horse parts

    Make a offer on anything or all of it. Need this out of the way or it will be in the garage for years.
  12. AlwaysLookin80

    Wheel Horse parts

    Misc. wheel Horse parts. Rj35 belts- 6 of them NOS engine cover painted with tag K-90 brand new seat cover lift Handle cover lift cable hold down 75.00 for all. Will ship on buyers expense. You can pick the stuff up or PayPal friends and family and I'll ship. Price is firm, I payed that for the belts and shipping alone when I bought them.
  13. AlwaysLookin80

    Cub cadet originals

  14. AlwaysLookin80

    Cub cadet originals

    Yeah that's it! Love those tractors. Looking to get a few Here's my 4 digit 61 and I have a 62 also. This is my 62 Willing to trade this guy