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  1. Huntemcd

    Sickle bar

    I have a wheel horse 50” sickle bar. Really good shape and runs smooth. Needs an idler pulley setup made because the belt is a little too big. All the knives are in good shape besides a chip in one. WHEEL HORSE NOT FOR SALE. $750 obo 260 336 2645. Text for pics
  2. Huntemcd

    First sickle bar!

    Ok. I have a farmall cub sickle bar so I know how to run them pretty much. You wouldn’t believe what I paid for this sickle bar! And can I use my regular pto setup or do I have to run the small pulley like I have there.
  3. I bought this sickle bar a couple weeks ago and figured out the bottom drive pulley was backwards so I tried heating it up and it still wouldn’t come off. And yes I took both of the set screws off. And we put a puller on it and bent the pulley all up. So we found a pulley that is the same thing and put it on the right way and it works good. I just need to get a bigger belt and lube it all up. It’s a 50” too. I can’t wait to use it a lot. Any tips on running it or anything else.
  4. Huntemcd

    Wheel horse hitch

    Give me a number to text a picture to
  5. Huntemcd

    Wheel horse hitch

    All it is is a standard draw bar hitch
  6. I bought this sickle bar and went to put it on my raider. It bolts up just fine but the foot pedal to engage it doesnt clear my belt gaurd. Also the belt is super tight and when I turned it over the foot pedal wasn’t even engaged and it started going. Also when I lift it up the gear box hits the running board and I can’t even fold it all the way up. It is a 50”. Any advice will help.
  7. I have a wheel horse deck carrier. I made front casters for it. Works good. I also made a mid pulley for it. Works fine. Deck isn’t included. $100 obo 260 336 2645
  8. Huntemcd

    50” sickle bar hookup.

    What do you mean.
  9. I’m about ready to buy my first wheel horse sickle bar. I’m putting it in my raider 8. My question is do I have to have a small pulley on the pto to run it or can I use my original pto. It has the foot pedal on the sickle bar. Anything will help on hook up and tips.
  10. Huntemcd

    Odd plow brackets

    Yup still got them and I’d sell them.
  11. Huntemcd

    HY2 lift

    I have the plow brackets for the cylinder
  12. Huntemcd

    Stuff...cross country trip!!!

    What do the cultivators look like.
  13. Huntemcd

    Front Mount Mower Deck Attachment

    I've got one but I had to make front caster so and the mid mule drive.
  14. Huntemcd

    Jd cozy cab on a wheel horse?

    It probably wouldn't haha. I just like how they look but not sure if they would fit.
  15. I'm just curious if a John Deere cozy cab would fit on a wheel horse. There would probably be modifying but how much?