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  1. cslxt8

    704 Fuel Tank

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a fuel tank for a 704, preferably leak/hole free. Must be willing to ship unless in/near Iowa. Thanks -C
  2. ISO: Automatic 10 hood mounts, they are smaller than the others I have off a C-101/111. Automatic 10 drive belt shield. Automatic 10 center deck plate cover Automatic 10 brake pedal Thanks
  3. Thank you everyone! This is awesome!
  4. Hello I am new to this forum but have enjoyed my time here already. I bought a couple of new additions to go with my C111 last month and I need help identifying the model number of the one shown in the picture. The serial number plate has the following on it: 1st line- 10K801 02484, 2nd line-7351 or 7851 (hard to read as someone has sanded on it). I also could not find where any badge on the engine to identify them either. Is there a specific place to look on Kohler engines? I have not had time to inspect them much yet as I am finishing up school. All together I got an Auto 10 mostly complete, front mount blade, an extra set of rear tires/wheels, and an extra hydro rear end. Mainly I just wanted the blade but as it goes I could not pass up on the whole lot haha. I have never ran a hydro model so curiosity got the best of me too! I can get more info if needed once I get settled after the new year. Thanks in advance for any help! ~Colton