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  1. briankd


    i have noticed using my 857 plowing snow when it is freezing or below this thing runs awesome don't sputter on startup or anything hit the key it fires up and stays running. in warm weather (spring summer) you start it it will sputter after starting and die will not run as well like in the winter i don't use any diff gas between summer and winter or anything else. someone told me the since it cold the air is denser and that is it i don't buy that was wondering if maybe my coil going bad? anyone have any thoughts on this ? Thanks Brian
  2. briankd

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Just got done plowing drive we got about 7 inches here plowed some pathes for the dog
  3. briankd

    New year projects?

    hopeing to get my c-120 resto done
  4. briankd

    Ready for some snow

    welcome Maxlow84 great to see another ohioan on the forum. nice tractor you have there. you should get some lake effect snow off lake Erie up there where you are . probably be snow less here where I'm at this year again
  5. briankd

    Fluid filling tires

    i filled both front and rears on my 857 windshield washer fluid best thing i ever did. bought this filler thing at walmart to fillem with think it was like 10 bucks . got tires filled and makes a difference in traction
  6. briankd

    K301 rebuild

    i checked that out and looks like something a machine shop would have to do if you don't get it right in machining the counterweight you would screw up the crank. i think i will just see what happens without the gears in there. machine shop called and have my block done but the crank they says bad would have to turn down .020. i checked out Isave tractors and they offer a .020 conn. rod so im good to go and don" t have to find a diff crank for this 301
  7. briankd

    K301 rebuild

    i'm going to order the rebuild kit from I save tractors know a guy that has ordered half dozen kits from them and are good quality. you get everything even new carb , coil, valves and gaskets, brgs and seals turning the crank on this i think it can go .005 turned down ? i had my crank turned in my K 181 and can't remember the spec been to long ago
  8. briankd

    K301 rebuild

    i asked the machine shop about balanceing the crank they just looked at me confused so told them oh whatever
  9. briankd

    K301 rebuild

    droped my k301 off at the machine shop today to get bored . talking to different guys about the balance gears in it. was wanting to change brgs in the gears and herd they come out the gears hard sometimes one guy said he had them in press and acually broke the gear pressing them out. also there are the new style and old style brgs and they aren't cheap.along with the stub shafts may be worn a bit. went and talk to my old W.H. dealer he said he used to replace them but now for the price he leaves them out he said you wouldn't notice any diff. in it running in a wheel horse. also said something about balancing the crank would help without the balance gears. that being said anyone done this not putting the balance gears back in ? just worried about some vibration this will be a worker not a show tractor Thanks Brian
  10. briankd

    finally snow plow mounted

    sounds good to me i love snow. i had a guy i used to work with here in ohio and he moved back home to waterville maine he wants me to come up to visit and ride snowmobile . that is like a 18 hr drive for me he has drove it in that time
  11. got my plow mounted today seems like the last few years i have not needed it wife said may as well put it on and it will scare the snow away again this year. 90 pounds rear wheel weights and all tires loaded. it does a great job! the last 4 yrs here in ohio we haven't had hardly any snow to speak of . the 90's and early 2000's we had plenty of snow but lattley none it was almost 50 degrees here today. i can remember yrs ago we had plowable snow already and cold as hell. maybe it's globile warming ?? i have a single stage snowblower i bought 4 yrs ago for this 857 started to restore but it just sitting in a pile now don't really have a use for it. not enough snow to use it not like it used to be 15 - 20 yrs ago
  12. briankd

    Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    just plowed my garden few weeks ago the old 857 did great was wanting to go across the road and play in the field but it was way to wet garden was plenty wet plowing
  13. briankd

    About to join the 857 Club

    my 856 has the indent on the belt guard with the 856 logo. i know for a fact it is all original
  14. briankd

    my yellow and green one

    i even got my parts for this trans from my old wheel horse dealer cost me 20 bucks for 2 seals, case gasket and detent springs and 2 axle carrier orings
  15. briankd

    my yellow and green one

    one thing i like about this tractor is the variator drive you have 3-4 more speeds in each gear selection compared to horses you either have high or low in each gear on eight speed or just one speed in the older ones low is too slow and high not fast enuff . this deere has 4 forward speeds with the variator you get almost infinite forward speeds. it also has automotive style strg an actual strg gear you don't get the feed back thru strg hitting bumps and all. one downfall is if you want to use a clevis style implement like a garden plow and such you have to get the deere integral hitch and they scarce around me and are very pricey.