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  1. harryt

    Rural Past Times. 2018.

    This is my tractor, yes it is very similar to a Pasquali, it is also made in Italy by Valpadana. Mainly used in Europe for small vineyards as it’s very maneuverable being articulated in the centre.
  2. harryt

    Newbie (Scotland )

    Welcome to the forum Tommy I too saw that for sale on the auction site, however I know the 3 point linkage is a home made job, looks like the arms off a Compact Tractor or the like. I think the cylinder mower is also adapted from something else but not entirely sure. I’m sure you will have fun with it
  3. Glad you got it home ok and I’m sure you will sort it all out.
  4. harryt


    Just 5mins away then, I'm in Thakeham
  5. harryt


    Where abouts in Sussex are you, I am also from there!
  6. harryt

    Carb rebuild kit?

    @Bertie look up " guy parts and service"
  7. harryt

    Carb rebuild kit?

    Mike Hitchens is good from Guy parts and service, he is in the U.K. He can supply many kohler parts for your engine Harry
  8. harryt

    D200 3 point ball ends

    Thanks guys for the suggestions, I will be trying them out
  9. Hello everyone, I have recently acquired a couple of D200s, a rare find over here in the U.K.. They both have 3 point linkage, however the swivel ball ends are seized solid, has anyone had any luck freeing these off or have you had to cut them off and get new ones to weld on? I have tried some heat and rust penetrating fluid. Has anyone used an induction heater tool to try and do it? Harry
  10. harryt


    Hi Des, as you are in the U.K., the trailers here are generally not as wide as the ones in the U.S. If you are just planning to take one tractor to shows a single axle trailer will do fine. However as many of us know, this hobby grows and the collection grows in size, so therefore a larger trailer is needed if you are planning of collecting more. I have a 16ftx6.6ft Ifor Williams tilt bed trailer which is great and I can get around 5 tractors with attachments on. Harry
  11. harryt

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to RS Des, there is a very good following of Wheelhorses in the U.K. Lovely Porsche by the way
  12. harryt

    A question for the D series guys

    Ok, I will investigate it further, many thanks for your help
  13. harryt

    A question for the D series guys

    I mean the one on the engine, I have not had that one apart
  14. harryt

    A question for the D series guys

    By the hydro motor do you mean the bit on the side on the transmission?
  15. harryt

    A question for the D series guys

    In my opinion it can't be anything serious due to it was fine before and I have not done anything to it other than painting it. Do you think oil in the system will make any difference?