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  1. 98layinframe

    Speed up Your Horse

    Yeah that's a possibility if you go to small of a pulley. Like I said.. only trying go increase it a little, not turn it into a gocart. The older horses ran a tiny 2" pulley on the motor and something like a 5" on the tranny.
  2. 98layinframe

    Speed up Your Horse

    Sorry to pull up such an old thread from the depths.. but did anyone ever actually do this to their 8 speed tractor? I have a 414-8 that I simply swapped the engine pulley out to the 5.25" hydro pulley and it increased the top speed from 6.5mph to 8mph. my question is now.. I have a C111 that is nearly identical, but this time I would like to increase the ground speed a little by swapping the transmission pulley out instead since it seems like it would be much easier... no need to mess with and reshape the belt guards like I had to do with the hydro engine pulley. What size would be recommended? go from the 6.5" stock to a 5", or 4.5" or a 4"? not looking for lightening speed, just a little increase to run around the neighborhood a little faster.
  3. 98layinframe

    5 1/4" drive pulley?

    Thank you!
  4. 98layinframe

    5 1/4" drive pulley?

    I know the typical 7443 engine drive pulley fits the 1 1/8" shaft, is there a 1" version with the same OD and the 4 bolt holes to mount the pto drive?
  5. 98layinframe

    What size Battery is needed?

    I went to wallmart tonight and they have three U1 style tractor batteries. All 3 seem to be identical is size and terminal layout.. but there's 3 different CCA ratings. 230cca, 300cca, and 350cca versions. Prices also vary from 22$ to 30$ to 40$. More cranking amps is always nice.. but would I be ok with the 230 version? Didn't pay much more for the entire tractor.. so don't really wanna spend a lot if I don't have to. Haha.
  6. 98layinframe

    What size tires

    If your willing to modify the tractor a little, raising the seat pan an inch will allow you to squeeze a set of 26x12's on there... which will also help raise the tractor enough in the rear to level it with those 2" taller front tires your talking about getting.
  7. 98layinframe

    Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    Glad to hear its the original motor and yes everything is worn but mostly intact. hopefully I can get the carb cleaned up and get her purring again. it has one of those finicky old up draft carbs on it... so we'll see how it goes Any chance any of the guys here might have a couple parts they would sell? I need the complete air cleaner assembly, and the black plastic T handle part for the Throttle cable on the dash.
  8. 98layinframe

    Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    Haha.. that's definitely one way to think about it! I'd really like to get it running and use it as a dedicated machine for the rototiller for now.
  9. 98layinframe

    Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    I think I lucked out.. but not sure, maybe I just wasted my money? I picked this old girl up for 65 bucks the other day. It's missing a few things, and lots of worn parts but for the most part seems pretty solid for a 39 yr old tractor that spent it's life on a farm. Is the odd ball c111 worth fixing up, or maybe just keep it as parts? The motor doesn't run, but turns over and seems to have good compression. Any on here have any little odd and end parts for it? I need the air filter assembly, and the little throttle plastic handle. Figure I'll grab a seat off another junk tractor. Any info on this model and why it has a Briggs instead of a Kohler? I assume the motor is original?
  10. 98layinframe

    2017 Apple Festival tractor show pictures

    Why were the pics from the Applefest added to the "Euro" section? But anyways, the festival is located in Delmont PA, about 45min east of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on an old inactive farm land they converted in a nature and history area for events like this, and added ball fields in the lower "back 9" i guess as we call it. haha The 414-8 and the trailer on the truck and trailer in the first pic is mine. The lowered rat Jacobsen is my buddies we built. Flipped the front axle and stretched it forward about 7", I welded on new steering arms to correct the ackerman angles and he bought all new balljoint ends to help it not be so touchy at speed. I made and welded on drop plates to lower the rear down 8" The seat pan was cut and sectioned down to lower the rear fender skins. Its been re-geared with the rear pulley and does 6mph in first and 23 mph in 3rd gear. The exhaust we bent up and then used an old Harley muffler to exit out the rear. I can take a bunch more pics of it, but not sure how to upload them on here without running our of attachment space.
  11. Is there any other local horse guys on here? It'd be nice to see more then just 2 of us little guys in the small tractor area!! And my tractors boring... so its really only McCool's. haha
  12. lookin good! I love the new addition on the garage too.
  13. thanks for the answers, I didnt know if there were any extra frame braces around the transmission area on the 520's or anything like that. Anything wheel horse related is insanely expensive around my area is seems, so the chances of finding a cheap 520 complete is nearly impossible. I already made a set of "520" like wheels out back by cutting up a set of 8" (or maybe it was 8.5" wide) wheels from a bolens or some tractor and pushing the centers towards the rear lip to work perfectly. sand blasted and a nice paint job, most would never know the difference. Do I really need the steering components? I was just mainly looking for a wider axle and the forward sweep to help keep the taller tires away from the deck more. Long tierods is easy, I can make those and for the spindle ends I figured Id just use a simple set of 3" tall 3/4 to 1" brass bushing sleeves.
  14. Hi, i have a couple questions if anyone would mind helping me out! I have a 414-8 (i think its an 87) that I would like to swap a few things on to make it work and look a little better to me. The first thing is the front axle... will a 520 swept front axle bolt right in? Is the center pivot bolt the same diameter? I know the outer knuckles are larger 1" on those machine but are they the same height? I figured I could just sleeve the knuckle to keep my stock 3/4" 414 spindles if so Also any info on this john deer 200 series swept front axle swap? anyone know if the pivot and knuckles are all the same diameters on that one? and how much wider is it? This one is actually looking to be an easier swap if the bushings are all the same size Also whats differences on the 520 frames? Are they longer or the exact same frame? Brace for the transmission mount? and mainly just the front axle?
  15. 98layinframe

    Measurement needed

    Ok thanks for the quick response, any chance you would know the center to center measurements and hole sizes?