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  1. Amcwheel85

    WTB 208 or 308-8 wheel horse

    Looking for a 208 or 308 in decent shape with deck for my sons 6th birthday present... only have 6 days but thought I would try. And if I don't get it in time I will just explain lol. Located in western TN but am traveling to western ny June 1st-2nd. He just wants red tractor to help me now with. Semi projects are ok. Pm me with and info.
  2. Amcwheel85

    Wheel horse 1045

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Amcwheel85

    Wheel horse 1045

    wheel horse 1045 garden tractor. Only one made square hood/round fender tractor. Runs awesome with no smoke, has all 4 brand new tires, goes into all gears like it should. Needs drive belt as this one slips under load and battery. All original except tires $650 don't really want to sell this so please no low ballers
  4. She needs full faced helmet but my parents want to get her one for Christmas so... lol and thanks I have a short video of it running but idk how well it would look on here.
  5. Thanks 953Nut.. him and my dad were like brothers and he was my other dad. Last time I was in New York was last Christmas and shortly after we found out he had cancer and he past away within 8 months. On a more fun note We set up track in the yard.. my daughter is getting good!
  6. Thanks ACman! Love my gremlin and actually mom wants me to bring that to Tennessee with me lol. Yes that's my dads 1970 AMX he has owned since 1974, and that's a 2 door concord behind gremlin. O and dads AMX drag car is done and ready to race
  7. I've been searching for a little 130 and this was awesome original!
  8. Still looking for nice (4 wheel)wheel horse cart tho!!
  9. Haven't been on in awhile but missed the good people and finally found time to get back here. Got a few new toys but haven't found any good horses down this way. Had a older cousin(63) that was what I called my 2nd father pass away and when I lived in New York he was the one that always worked on my tractors with me, he rebuilt my daughters C81 engine. I actually have a cub cadet 71 he willed to me I got to bring home(always tried buying it from him and once he knew he wasn't gonna make it he said he might sell it to me but didn't give me a price!) so I got the 71, bought a CASE cart also in New York at parents house, also bringing home dads ford LGT120 W/ford cart, I bought a Case 130 and had it delivered fastenal, got my kids a Honda 90 atv and just this past Saturday went to Arkansas and bought my early Christmas gift... lol. Glad to be back tho! Prolly could of put this in other brands but oh well...
  10. Amcwheel85

    Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    The 155 only difference is colt has 10hp tech and 155 has 10hp kohler
  11. Amcwheel85

    Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    Lol thanks! My 2 other horses are out back in the shed so they still out number the others lol
  12. Amcwheel85

    Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    Story is guy I got it from bought it New in 1966 and he said the dealer painted it this way to sell it faster... I got new decals with it and it will be restored to original. Sat in his barn for 10+ years, he put battery charger on it and it fired right up and it doesn't smoke a lick. When these techys run good they really run good! First pic is from before I washed it
  13. Amcwheel85

    Wheel horse suburban

    Changed Status to Closed