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  1. stevecobb76

    She Doesn't Know

    hiding it from the wife??? you need a can of manup... and then a pillow and blanket because you will be sleeping outside with your new girlfriend!
  2. stevecobb76

    3d wheelhorse in the works

    no one else has done it to my knowledge. So I am making a 3d wheelhorse in blender 3d. I just started blocking it out from a 2d image off of google and looking at my 1967 if any other artists out there would like to help, there are lots of things that could be done I am not really a good 3d artist. I mostly just do it so I can visualize a project before I do it.
  3. I can help you haul your horse or most anything. I have long bed pickup and trailer. trailer is 10' long and 55" on the inside of the side rails. the side rails are 2' tall and are open and so I can haul wider parts. the bed is made from pressure treated 2x8's local hauling only withing 50 miles of brandon seffner valrico area. email me stevecobb76 at gmail dot com. or you can call me from my buisness website. http://www.seffnerlawncare.com I just dont want to put my phone # here. I also have plenty of ropes and straps and a little chain. I will be installing a winch and generator and air compressor soon.
  4. After i did a little research online. The inside of hydraulic pump looks identical to a couple pressure washer pumps that I have rebuilt. can anyone tell me why I could not interchange them? my thought is that the oil is thicker and if I ran it through a pressure washer pump, it would probably be harder on the pump itself and possible make higher flow / pressure than rated at the cost of more wear and tear on the pump itself??? but why could I not use a 1500 psi or 2500 psi pressure washer pump for a hydraulic system on a tractor with hydraulic oil???? I know, off the wall. but I have 4 of these pumps just sitting there on my bench. and I have a 4000 and 3500 already running so I dont need the extras.
  5. I ended up taking all the motion control linkage off of my 1967. the hydro shift on a throttle cable at the moment while I am building the foot pedal assembly for it. I am using the throttle cable to directly move the arm on the hydro. I took the allen screw out of the top and put in a bolt w/jam nut holding down a horizontal rod sticking out to the front of the hydro. my throttle cable linkage connects directly to that. 0% slop and it holds the speed now. I will put up pics when I get it complete. it just looks ghetto right now. but it works great! hint hint lawn mower throttle linkage at carb has all parts you need to do this except the bolt.
  6. stevecobb76

    hydraulic add on?

    thank you. I can not find any local. so I think that if I want one, I will have to build it. I can weld pretty good so I am going to rob a old gm power steering pump and see what I can do. I am all over craigslist eyeballing hydraulic parts. they are not cheap. even for used parts.
  7. stevecobb76

    hydraulic add on?

    thank you thank you thank you.... thank you so much... that was a big help... both of you... thank you. here is pic. is the pto a option? add on? bolt on? hydraulic? as per loader capacity, I will add a reservoir tank.
  8. stevecobb76

    hydraulic add on?

    my 1967 wheelhorse 1277 does not have any hydraulics other than the tranny / rear axle. but on the left side of the hydrodrive pump opposite of the fan, there is some plugs and looks to be some sort of place for hydraulic hoses and what looks to be some sort of on/off valve shaft thingy??? so does this mean that I can tap into this and add my own hydraulics??? 3 point hitch w/lift? loader? if yes, please give me loose instructions or pictures or google terms to look for so I can start educating myself on this. and if yes, please point out any online documentation(S) that I might need? psi rating? and so on. or would I be better off adding my own belt driven pump? thanks, Steve.
  9. stevecobb76

    $200 craigslist find - 1967 model 1277

    can you upload a picture of this for me? I have not found solution yet. I got new belts and it is running like a raped ape..
  10. I was thinking of making my own cam follower block (I think that is what you call it) I might use your bracket/friction idea maybe with a spring setup of some sort but hidden under the plate so no one sees it
  11. it is very loose and as I mow, it keeps going faster and faster. I tightened the spring screw things but no help I have to keep my hand on it to maintain speed. is there any adjustments? I cant find any except the spring screws on the plastic plate that moves the hydro rod left and right. I took pics below. the plate moves up and down and it moves a rod behind it left and right. pictures of both positions below but I cant find a tightness adjustment. Sorry this is my first wheelhorse first day. barn find.
  12. stevecobb76

    $200 craigslist find - 1967 model 1277

    here is what I am working on at the minute. there is alot of slop in the foward reverse lever on the right side. the linkage is hooked up to this part on the pump that slides up and down. I am trying to snug it up because it keeps getting faster and faster when I drive it across yard. I snugged up the spring screws on the left and right but that didn't help. still sloppy.. what can I do about that? I agree. do it right the first time. or just dont bother. I have to say, the more that I think about it, I wouldn't mind being "one of those guys" at the tractor shows. one of those guys with a really cool tractor.
  13. stevecobb76

    $200 craigslist find - 1967 model 1277

    I dont need those fingers anyways.. I took the drive belt cover off myself to put the belt back on. there is no alternator cover though. that would be funny as hell to be mowing a yard with this mower and next door a guy with a zero turn... could you imagine the reactions and their thoughts?
  14. stevecobb76

    $200 craigslist find - 1967 model 1277

    I just found the wheel horse club and shows they put on. I see that this could look nice if I put about a month of work into it. what kind of price would I be looking at for it?? as is running, and mowing price? restored price? I have no idea the value I just paid $200 for it because I know that any riding mower that runs and cuts is worth at least that much around where I live. and better yet. this isn't a mower, it is a tractor w/ a mower attachment. So I know it has the be worth more than that right? I see some for $500 to $1000 online that look worse than mine.
  15. $200 craigslist find. 1277 beast. should I keep it for my lawn service or should I trade it for newer mower? better yet, should I keep it and restore it? or should I seill/trade it off?