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  1. SylvanLakeWH

    Decal removal?

    I agree - but gentlemen, a word of advice: borrow and return said device in the EXACT same condition, including how the cord is wrapped, where it was in her drawer, in the correct bathroom, without greasy fingerprints or chips, old paint or glue on it anywhere etc... Do not ask me why I know these rules, just suffice it to say that if you do not follow these basic guidelines you will realize that new blow dryers are more expensive nowadays than the old red wire and a blower type that you probably should have had in the garage anyways...... As Red Green says: I'm a man, I can change, I guess, If I have too...
  2. SylvanLakeWH


    Congratulations! And thank you for doing this - FUN!
  3. SylvanLakeWH

    Gone to a new home/owner

    Cheers - From my C-105 to your departed C-120...
  4. SylvanLakeWH

    Think it will work?

    Nice Job! I think it will work just fine for what you describe as your intent...
  5. Only site I use - others can not compare...NEVER any garbage thanks to the members and the Mods that keep it that way...
  6. SylvanLakeWH


    Please count me in! And THANK YOU!
  7. I use Safari on both desk top, iPhone and iPad. Works fine for me on each...
  8. Very cool - could you post some pics of the business end of that unit? Pulleys, mounting system etc.
  9. High 40's this morning. no ice. Bring on the snow!!!
  10. SylvanLakeWH

    new member

    Yes - clean carb and fuel system. Start easy - spray carb cleaner while running, clean gas and put some Seafoam in the tank. New plug and clean air filter element as well. If that does not help - go to full carb clean... No expert, but I am pretty sure both tractors will take same decks and engines...but others with way more knowledge will pipe in...
  11. SylvanLakeWH

    Tractor saw mill

    Of course you are right...But man, a Wheel Horse saw mill...Imagine what the Ponds would have thought...