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  1. Brian33


    The ball in my check valve is stuck so all it does is shoots gas it of the pin hole in the carb. I tried to remove the jet but the bass is fused to the aluminum and has broke it.What is warn in you carbs? Maybe take two and make one if yours will come apart? And of course if ur willing to part with them.
  2. Brian33


    Hello all I am in the market for a carburetor for my clinton 1200. Does anyone out there have one?
  3. Are you selling the reel mower?
  4. Are u selling the front reel mower?
  5. Brian33

    701 Parts

    do you still have parts to part out? also looking for the square seat pan
  6. Brian33

    in need of 854 parts

    Sent you a message
  7. Brian33

    701 Parts

    What parts do u have?
  8. Brian33

    701 Parts

    I have not found one yet
  9. Brian33

    in need of 854 parts

    do you have any belt guards or steering wheels, possibly a seat?
  10. Brian33

    in need of 854 parts

  11. Brian33

    701 Parts

    ok i was the same one looking for the Tins around the shifter so if you want to hit me up here or on face book either way.... thanks for your time!
  12. Brian33

    C-195 with attachments

    is this still available?
  13. Brian33

    701 Parts

    Ty! I had the engine side just needed the starter side and thanks to you I have both now... still need a hood if anyone out there has one
  14. Brian33

    701 Parts

    Hello, I am gathering parts to restore a 701 i acquired. Wondering if anyone out there has a decent hood or the double starter pulley they could spare? Trying to save this horse.
  15. Brian33

    Clinton engine rings

    Anyone have .20 Clinton Engine rings part number 237-122-500 (149-164 old number)