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  1. Swift Arrow

    1979 C-111 not charging

    Thanks so much for asking this question Will! I was just at my wit's end, having looked through the wiring diagrams in the manuals and noticed that they didn't match with what I had! My tractor (also a C111) is not starting - it keeps blowing the fuse.
  2. Hi people! I came across a "brand-new" (unused, in the box) snowblower attachment for a lawn tractor. It looked like it *might* be wheel-horse tack-o-matic compatible, but I have no experience with these things. I only took a picture of the nameplate on the thing because I was in a rush. It's a Heilman Enterprises thing from Indiana. Does anyone know anything about these? All I could find online is that the company existed between 1971 and 1989. Thanks!
  3. Swift Arrow

    Wheel Horse Model Popularity?

    I promised pictures, here they are! http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/60056-1979-b-111/
  4. Swift Arrow

    1979 B-111

    I promised a while back to upload pics... here it is in all it's glory! 1979 B-111 (11 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, 8 speed manual gearbox) I also have a plow for it. Purchased it for about $600, good working condition. Tires are tired, I've put tubes in two of them so far. It had a new fuel pump (some plastic disk with a membrane driven by crankcase pressure). Last spring I evicted some mice from the engine head.
  5. Swift Arrow

    Wheel Horse Model Popularity?

    Thanks again for that great information! I'm really glad to know I can upgrade the spindles eventually! I'll check out RCPW, thanks for that link too! My buddy's deck is probably 42"; it has the Wheel Horse attachment system and looks like the pictures of the 42" ones that I've seen. I should have said "around 40"
  6. Swift Arrow

    Wheel Horse Model Popularity?

    Thank you so much for this info! You've answered many questions I didn't even know I had! Especially glad for your experience with the generators; I was considering creating one, but with the fuel numbers you mention, a separate one is definitely better. I am considering getting a 40" deck which a buddy who runs a lawn mower repair place down in Windham, CT has... For now I might need to just drill out some holes on my spare set of blades so they fit the 36MR00 deck that I have, and will start saving towards a bigger, more common deck and grader blade.
  7. Swift Arrow

    Wheel Horse Model Popularity?

    Wow! Thank you for the warm welcome, words of wisdom, and wary warnings! Now I will have to go and look at my tranny mounts! Thanks for the tips on where to find blades. I took a look at the Do-Cut warehouse, but did not find my mower deck. I did find the 95-36MR01, which has a different blade attachment and spindle system! I will eventually post pictures, and also become a supporter. Right now cash is tight (another reason I bought something solid and reliable rather than cheap, flimsy, and hard to fix), but the prognosis is positive. My only excuse for not posting pics yet is that I haven't any at hand. Thanks, and looking forward to learning about this rugged iron horse that I have!
  8. Hi All! I've been lurking on this forum for a few days, and now I just had to post! Two years ago I came back to the US after growing up mostly abroad, and needed to do some serious yard work. I bought a wheel horse; the first one I could find, only because my mom recommended the brand. It came with a plow and a rusty but working mower deck. Last year I used the plow a whole tonne - and that thing would plow! If there was a pile too big, I just needed to back up, and gather some speed before hitting the pile, everything would move! The tractor was unstoppable! Exhilarating! I loved it! This year I finally got the deck welded together and started mowing - it was amazing! That thing ran over and chewed up everything in its path...Bushes, brambles, trees, rocks, until a bolt snapped, and the blade, bolt, washer, and spindle cap went God-knows-where. And thus began my baptism into the Wheel Horse world. After much searching, visits to the local Toro dealer, and about 5+ hours of driving, I have collected spares for everything except the missing blade. I've also learned that I am the proud owner of a unicorn; one of the rarest wheel horse tractors, and an even rarer mower deck. What I have: 1979 Wheel Horse C-111 tractor, 11HP Briggs&Stratton engine, 8 Speed, Model 91-11B801-22782. Apparently it was only made that one year. Luckily, from the looks of it, I THINK that I can use attachments from other C series tractors, am I right?1979 36" Rear Discharge Mower Deck, Model 95-36MR00-09449 (the only place I could find that model number was on TORO website; all other sites only listed the 36MR01) (I love the rear discharge though) (I also learned that this is the only one that uses a needle bearing journal on the spindle without an inner race, and the only one with heavy cast-iron spindle caps, and also the only one with a double-D hole on the blade with two additional guide pins)1979 42" plowSand-filled wheel weights on the rear wheels.It is in decent condition. By that I mean, not much rust at all, good seat, new fuel lines, everything works, but a rat chewed the spark cable (patched it with electrical tape). The paint is pretty tired. For starters, I have a few questions:Where can I get a blade?Am I right that any other C series attachments should fit? I'm looking for the grader blade attachment, a front loader. and perhaps an electric generator.Should I buy a second deck (would like to upgrade to 40")? Which decks should I avoid? This is a workhorse, my only tractor, not a toy or show piece.As noted elsewhere, Wheel Horses have the tendency to multiply! Well, I'm facing that now... and wanted to ask: What is a model I can look for that won't leave me stranded for parts! Thank you! P.S. Pictures to come, some day. I am very bad at uploading pictures!