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  1. ebrickley


    Glenn is great. I am new to Wheel Horse and had to pick up a knob for my C141. Glenn was quick on the transaction and threw in an awesome WH key chain!!!!
  2. ebrickley

    Kohler 14 hp K321AS - Dipstick Question

    Hey doc724 and redhead...can either one of you give me a measurement off of your dipstick? I am looking for the measurement of the tip to the rubber grommet. Thanks!
  3. ebrickley

    Kohler 14 hp K321AS - Dipstick Question

    I will check with Davoman....THANKS!
  4. ebrickley

    Kohler 14 hp K321AS - Dipstick Question

    is the dipstick attached to the plug or is it an external tube with a dipstick?
  5. I have a 1978 Wheel Horse C141 with a Kohler 14 hp K321AS engine. I have only had it for about a month and did a garage restore on the body. Going to change fluids now and when I unscrewed the oil filler plug, there was no dipstick attached. I looks like the previous owner (who really rigged some things up), must have lost the original. Does anyone know if there is an external tube dipstick for this model? Also, should the filler plug have a dipstick attached to it? Thanks for the help! Ed
  6. ebrickley

    New Member from Greenwood, IN

    Thanks for the hospitality. I have learned a lot the past month by reading different topics in the forum. Here are a couple of before and after pictures. I just did a garage restore, but it turned out pretty decent. I did pick up a 48" blade for it this week. Will post more pics with the blade attached later. Thanks again for the support!!!
  7. ebrickley

    New Member from Greenwood, IN

    New Wheel Horse owner and obviously new to the Forum. I've never been a big "mower" guy. I had a 1965 JD 110 I had for about 15 years and just cut grass with it. Had a few issues with it and decided to try to sell it. Took a Ranch King and a Wheel Horse C141 automatic in on a trade. I use the Ranch King strictly for mowing. Didn't know much about Wheel Horse brand until I got mine. I've been researching it quite a bit the past few weeks and am really excited about the possibilities it brings. The C141 runs great. The previous owner had replaced some wiring and other items under the hood (lazy job and looked like crap). It did not come with any attachments. The plan is to find a snow blade for it and use it this winter for the driveway and do a "home" restore on it in the spring. I have read many items in the forum already and appreciate in advance the information already posted. I look forward to being a part of this forum and will contribute when I don't feel so ignorant about them. I will post pictures shortly. -Ed