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  1. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    As soon as I get some feedback on these from the test mufflers that are out there I will build some more if all is well with them , stay tuned
  2. jimkemp


    Your close to my shop , bring the tractor over and I can build one for you , send me a pm
  3. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    I will let you know as soon as they are ready to roll out
  4. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    Thanks for testing it , let us know how it works over time
  5. jimkemp

    Stack Install!!!

    No they are the same length , yes the baffle has changed since I sent your mufflers out to you , they are a little quieter now but the sizes are the same
  6. jimkemp

    Stack Install!!!

    The 8" stack is a little quieter than the 6" only because the way the baffle is built , they have the same design but the gases have to travel a little more so that aids to make them quieter , its not by much but it is a little , I did a test about a year ago and made one 18" long with the same style baffle and it made a huge difference in sound , if you really want them to be quiet I can build one with a double baffle , and that also aids in them being quiet but they start to get pretty heavy and should be braced to the motor , I think I'm on the 5 or 6th baffle design , but now I'm trying to get the design down for the 300 series tractor muffler using the design from the stack muffler , I have a few out there waiting to hear back from the guys on fit and sound and if it works out they will also come with a polished aluminum heat shield for a custom look , stay tuned !!!
  7. Thank you , JAinVA is going to test this one for me , stay tuned for a report, I told him good or bad I want to here it and for everyone else to hear also
  8. Ya but I'm going to send you a open baffle design , the one I have now is going to be to quite for you , I have a test pilot for this one and I will be in touch soon with yours
  9. I have a 312 muffler just about done , going to need a test pilot for one , someone that has a 312 with this style muffler , anyone ????
  10. This one was built for a special tractor , I should have mention that , the ones for the 300 tractors will be to factory size , it was built 2" longer to fill in the space
  11. Yes they are , the bracket bolts down on the block and the inlet is set up for 1" pipe
  12. I sell them here on red sq , and on ebay , I sell a lot through facebook , I have a couple of small engine shops that carry them , I do a lot of custom welding work for people with tractors and mini bikes , I have a small shop with most all the tools for welding and fabing just about anything someone would need , some day I would like to turn it into my full time job but here in NY with the taxes so high its hard to do
  13. Ya I see that , I try to keep the cost at 60 or less , and its looking like this muffler should fall in that price range , but like I said I cant sell them until they get tested and prove that they will hold up over time , I wont sell junk
  14. I would like to do them all , but it takes time and I wont sell them unless there right like the stack mufflers I build , but its on the list of mufflers I want to do