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  1. Just let me know , I build them all the time , right now I'm having a hard time keeping up with the Christmas rush but you can always send me a message and I will get one out to you
  2. Yup , that one of my stacks , I think that's one of the first ones when I started building them
  3. jimkemp

    Looking for choke cable for 1979 C-81

    Looking for a choke new choke cable for my C-81 , or what is the correct part # , Thanks
  4. jimkemp

    Need Pulling hitch

    Well I did and I didn't like what I came up with , if you add up the material and the hours to build and weld its really more than it worth for someone to buy , I stuck this one on feebay at 250 and I'm sure it wont sell , off feebay it would be 200 , and I think that still is just way to much for a hitch but at least I can say I tried and found out I just don't see it happening , but I can say you would brake the axle long before this hitch would brake , so most likely it will just go on one of my tractors
  5. jimkemp

    Need Pulling hitch

    Here are some pictures of the proto type
  6. jimkemp

    Need Pulling hitch

    Pictures soon , I finish the first one today and painted it , as soon as the paint dries I will get it mounted back on the tractor and get some good pictures
  7. jimkemp

    Need Pulling hitch

    I'm trying to put some pulling hitches together , I almost have the first one done and will post pictures as soon as its done
  8. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    As soon as I get some feedback on these from the test mufflers that are out there I will build some more if all is well with them , stay tuned
  9. jimkemp


    Your close to my shop , bring the tractor over and I can build one for you , send me a pm
  10. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    I will let you know as soon as they are ready to roll out
  11. jimkemp

    Muffler prototype test

    Thanks for testing it , let us know how it works over time
  12. jimkemp

    Stack Install!!!

    No they are the same length , yes the baffle has changed since I sent your mufflers out to you , they are a little quieter now but the sizes are the same
  13. jimkemp

    Stack Install!!!

    The 8" stack is a little quieter than the 6" only because the way the baffle is built , they have the same design but the gases have to travel a little more so that aids to make them quieter , its not by much but it is a little , I did a test about a year ago and made one 18" long with the same style baffle and it made a huge difference in sound , if you really want them to be quiet I can build one with a double baffle , and that also aids in them being quiet but they start to get pretty heavy and should be braced to the motor , I think I'm on the 5 or 6th baffle design , but now I'm trying to get the design down for the 300 series tractor muffler using the design from the stack muffler , I have a few out there waiting to hear back from the guys on fit and sound and if it works out they will also come with a polished aluminum heat shield for a custom look , stay tuned !!!
  14. Thank you , JAinVA is going to test this one for me , stay tuned for a report, I told him good or bad I want to here it and for everyone else to hear also
  15. Ya but I'm going to send you a open baffle design , the one I have now is going to be to quite for you , I have a test pilot for this one and I will be in touch soon with yours