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  1. Lowell, Joette, Scottie sendings more prayers your way. Don’t want to make this about me but for the last 8yrs (I celebrated my lifeday yesterday) I’ve been dealing with U.T.I’s , cathedrals , spasms and pain from head to toe . The wife (my 24hr caregiver) and I know what your dealing with so please don’t hesitate to send a PM . Maybe some of our experiences could help in some way .
  3. ACman

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    You’re such a good dad . Remember I’m still up for adoption and come with at least ten tractors plus a hoard of round hood parts .
  4. ACman

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

  5. Congrats Steve !!! Now we really have to fear the DINO ....
  6. ACman

    Mrs. Pullstart

    ...very nice work Kevin ! Hopefully I’ll see it in person sometime soon.
  7. Way more than a forum about ‘s . is a place that somehow brings people from around the world together. Be it help with a problem or needing a prayer . Just seems someone is always there when you need it.
  8. ACman

    Emory at hospital

    Was going to start with a new thread for cards for him to read while they were waiting but as always this little guy said who’s the boss and it’s going to have to wait until after Christmas. You’ve got this Emory !
  9. ACman

    Emory at hospital

    Praying for Emory and your family Dells . He’s a brave, tough kid and him thinking of other peoples feelings first just shows what kind of young man he truly is .
  10. ACman

    Spark plug tester ?

    That cleaner was quite handy during snowmobiling season in th1970/80’s.
  11. ACman

    Spark plug tester ?

    This is one that’s at the family’s AC dealership as long as I can remember. Cleaned and checked many spark plugs with that thing.
  12. Very good news. I’m still praying for your family. Joette from talking with you at the Big Show you know my situation . My personal experience if anyway possible an adjustable memory foam bed is the way to go. It’s been a saving grace with my recovery (never had a bedsore) and should ease some of the pain from pressure points.
  13. Those are sweet bikes guys .