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  1. ACman


    If need be I’ll pay to send it .....count me in too! COOL CUP RICHIE. Thanks
  2. Very nice Dells...I’ll be watching this thread from here on out . Been just kinda checking in lately . Still here and still family! You made the right choice with the engine tins and I agree with painting the other parts black. Love your belt guard looks more original than the other repop. One tool everyone should have if drilling holes in sheet metal is a Unibit . https://www.homedepot.com/p/Steel-Core-Titanium-Step-Drill-Bit-Set-5-Piece-with-Storage-Case-33148/302972677?cm_mmc=Shopping|G|Base|D25T|25-7_POWER+TOOL+ACCESSORIES|NA|PLA|71700000034127227|58700003933021549|92700031755124913&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI29rzs-iS3gIVjrbACh0UYw5REAQYFCABEgI7WPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CPOHqf7okt4CFQhIAQodvTgHYQ makes life easier.
  3. ACman

    Berlin, WI Show

    Thanks for the Jim and Dan !
  4. Been patiently waiting since March ...
  5. Don’t know if you have found this one.... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1051402/Tecumseh-Ecv105.html#product-HH60
  6. ACman

    RJ 58-59 Belt Cover Guard

    Try emailing Joe Papke he makes the reproductions. horsedr2004@yahoo.com
  7. I’m sure glad mine loves and takes care of me the way she does .... I guess by now if she didn’t I’d probably already been rolled somewhere and left for the coyotes !
  8. ACman

    Happy Birthday Richie

    Richie ..... Hope you can get some seat time on Skittles today.
  9. ACman

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  10. ACman

    Good Morning, Weekend!

    If I get to feeling better I’ll try to get some pics of our local tractor show tomorrow . No help to get my horses there .
  11. ACman

    Keep fighting or sell?

    Dells’s don’t give up it’s just a machine .... it can’t beat you! I know you would never give up on Emory so don’t let him see you throw in the towel. After reading through this thread I was thinking on the same line as @clueless but do what @Machineguy @Tuneup @gwest_ca have suggested. I didn’t even know “give up” was in your vocabulary. Sometimes you have to walk away for awhile when frustration gets the best of you but you always dive right back in head first when the time is right. Good luck buddy !
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY! Thanks again for all the great things you do. It doesn’t go unnoticed.
  13. ACman

    A Sobering Day

    Praying for Mark and your family Ed. Though I haven’t been posting much I do check in with my RS family (this is more than just a forum) and try keeping up. You also jarred my memory Ed as they found a small spot on my lung during a MRI right after my accident. Going to have bring that up at my next appointment. If there’s one thing I learned from my journey you have to advocate for yourself. If you feel, see, or hear something that’s not right don’t be afraid of asking questions or putting your doctor/nurse on the spot.
  14. ACman

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    I’ve been outta touch but haven’t forgot all my friends here especially you Steve. Hope you had a great Birthday !
  15. ACman


    Happy Birthday Doug Cheers mate !!!