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  1. woodchuckfarmer

    Snow-thrower wont stay up

    Ive seen the spring in the lift arm rust to all most nothing.
  2. woodchuckfarmer

    Happy Birthday Scott!!

    Happy Birthday Scott
  3. woodchuckfarmer

    K-181 head(s) Commando-8

    I think there the same. You will pull the other head and compare them. Wayne
  4. woodchuckfarmer

    Happy Birthday Jim

    Happy Birthday Jim and many more to come
  5. woodchuckfarmer

    Value of Lawn Ranger L-155

    Start at 50 bucks you can always go up some. Wayne
  6. woodchuckfarmer

    Another one pulled out of crusher...

    The wheels are not even rusty. Give a good buffing, a seat and it will look like a new tractor, Nice save. Wayne
  7. woodchuckfarmer

    C-160 Frame Repair

    I like that. That's the way to do it.
  8. woodchuckfarmer

    12hp needs rebuild

    Sounds like you have a warped head. Lap it on some emery paper and it will show up. Wayne
  9. woodchuckfarmer

    Happy Birthday Duke

    Happy Birthday Duke hope you have many more. Wayne
  10. Have that chip brazed back on that pulley. It will save a lot of wear on your belt. Wayne
  11. Doesn't look like your getting much for 200 bucks. Wayne
  12. woodchuckfarmer

    Where are your winter Horses??

    Got a dusting here today, So I guess I better get ready. lol Wayne
  13. woodchuckfarmer

    Bringing a C125 back to life

    I put a 500 series fender pan on my black hood. It looks more like the original Wayne.
  14. woodchuckfarmer

    Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Dose the governor arm need adjusting ?
  15. woodchuckfarmer


    Happy Birthday Jake. Time flys, have a great day. Wayne