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  1. parafrog88

    What type of fuel pump is this?

    Working on an 855 with a Kohler K 181 Serial number 928155 Spec 30108A. carb and tank had old gas in them and the float was full of fuel. Got a rebuild kit and took off the fuel pump and no arm for an actuator. Is this vacuum operated? No numbers just Made in the USA on one side and a B on the other. Is it rebuild able ? Should I open it up to see what it looks like inside? where can I get the little rubber plugs that seal the fuel lines to the fittings from the fuel pump to the carb. Thanks for the help.
  2. parafrog88

    New member new owner of an 855 Serial # 116660

    How do I delete the other two posts that are about the same thing?
  3. parafrog88

    New member new owner of an 855 Serial # 116660

    And 2 beat up mower decks no numbers plus a stuckmotor and tire chains
  4. New to the site and a new Wheel Horse 855 owner. My brother told me about the site. Blade model BD 4276 serial278156 Also came with a blower Model 6 2211 Serial 398468 that is missng some pieces