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  1. budman2

    520-H 1100 Hydro Transmission 1990 model

    for sale or trade! for a 48" side discharge deck, or $250 for the tranny!!!!!!!!!!
  2. budman2

    520-H 1100 Hydro Transmission 1990 model

    I have a complete working 1100 eaton transmission for sale or trade for a nice 48" side discharge deck! Thanks budman2
  3. Thanks much! now I can get that gear off! budman2
  4. Can I ask where you got the heavy duty puller! Thanks budman2
  5. Thanks man! no wonder I coudn't get it off! That looks like a heavy duty tool!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. budman2

    20hp crankshaft

    does anyone on here know how to remove the crankshaft gear????????? thanks budman2
  7. Hi everyone! tearing down a 20hp onan on a 520-H, can anyone tell how to remove the crankshaft gear with out tearing up the crankshaft? I have tried a puller but it just keeps tearing out the puller bolts! any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance,budman2
  8. You are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Mr Ellison, budman2
  9. Can anyone tell me if the front plastic/rubber grease caps are still available? Can't seem to find the guys website!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks budman2
  10. budman2

    42 SD mower deck

    Hi interested in the deck if it is still available! budman2 call/text 614-374-6121 Thanks
  11. Thanks Lee & Garry maybe I can geter done now! its been about a month of spare time so far working on this thing, never had this many problems with the electric parts before! budman2
  12. Thanks Gary, do you know where I can find the correct diode? budman2
  13. Found the problem with the not shutting off with the key! it was a dioad that plugged into the coil modual, buy passed it and it shuts off now ! Now the motor dies when I try to use the pto! replaced both micro switches and still have the same problem! any ideas on that guys? This 310-8 is getting to be a pain! thanks for all your help so far guys, budman2
  14. Yes it is a 6 terminal type, Yes Sir I will check that also! Thanks budman2
  15. Thanks for the info, I'll check that out today man!