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  1. spindley

    D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Did you get your 300.00 for the tractor? Is it still available? Im droolin.
  2. spindley

    Project: D160

    FYI. The electric fuel pump from Facet is part # FAC-40177. This is a 1-2 psi. Pegasus Racing has them.
  3. spindley

    D-200 Hydraulic control valve cap

    I am in need of two caps that go under my hydraulic control valves. See pics. D-200
  4. spindley

    Cub Cadet Puller

    All I got to say is WOW!!!!!! Awesome job. I Do have a questio. I have a 1200 Cub roller. It looks like your motor would also fit in my tractor,if I could find one like it. Can you verify that for me?
  5. spindley

    D-200 Repower

    Im not fond of the Predator. I love my Kohler. Thanks for the info Caddy.
  6. I am looking for the motorhead that stuck a CH series Kohler Command on a D-200. Any info would be appreciated. Love this site.
  7. spindley

    Wheel Horse D series 3 point for parts

    I would need your Zip Code & weight of the item. I am still interested
  8. My hats off to you sir.     We take for granted the RED WHITE & BLUE.   Thank you for my freedom 953nut

  9. spindley

    D-200 Transmission oil level

    It does sit outside. I changed the oil some time ago and put 6 Qts 10-w-30 in. Soon after like a matter of hours it was discolored again. Also it is pushin oil thru the dipstick. There needs to be a breather some where. Is the dipstick the breather?
  10. spindley

    D-200 Transmission oil level

    So. What your saying is the oil goes in the tranaxle,and feeds the hydro. Not sure how the water is gettin in the trans. Im still checkin it out.
  11. spindley

    Wheel Horse D series 3 point for parts

    I would like to buy these Shuboxlover. I can pay shipping,or i can also set up UShip. Call me or text 717-801-8475. sam.breezyhill@yahoo.com
  12. spindley

    D-200 Transmission oil level

    Thanks 953. I'll be checkin it out
  13. I have a D-200 that i changed the oil in the back out of the dipstick a couple weeks ago. It had some water in it. Now i checked again and its the same thing. Any help on this would be appreciated. How much oil goes in these Horses. And is there separate reservoir for hydro pump and transaxle.
  14. Hello Wheeledhorseman, I just aquired a D-200 like you got. First of all I envy your collection. I have the same issues that some other guy had with my hydro adjustment in my D-200. Would you like to send me the files you sent him also. Mine is no fast reverse and drifts in park. I'm a Wheel Horse fan. send files to spindley@sekconstruction.net. if you don't mind. Sam is my name

  15. spindley

    JD LT155. Worth anything?

    The reason it don't run when you get off the brake is your safety switch on the brake pedal. Possible it rusted sittin in dem der weeds. Get some PB blaster on it and loosin it up. Follow the brake linkage and you should find a switch