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  1. russellmc301

    c -160 turns over slowly

    ok ill check the ground and test the starter some more. the jumper is 300 amps
  2. russellmc301

    c -160 turns over slowly

    i replaced the starter solenoid oj my c-160, wasnt craking before but now is but it turns over slowly when hook to the jump box. how many amps should there be in the jump box to start it? any other ideas of might be wroung?
  3. russellmc301

    adding lift cable to tractor

    ok great thanks alot
  4. i have a slot hitch plow and cultivator for my suburban. my suburban is all restored and pretty, so i dont want to take it out and get it all dirty. i have a 14hp no name with the cable sleve but no cable in it. is there a way i could add a cable or a way to lift my plow up? thanks
  5. russellmc301

    14 horse no name not getting gas

    i filled the tank all the way up so the pump must have gone bad. thanks
  6. russellmc301

    14 horse no name not getting gas

    drove plowed during the winter then on my way to parking it it sputtered then stopped so i just pushed it to where it is now. what is the thing on the front of the engine that the gas line goes into then out to the carb. when i put ether in the carb it starts up then dies.
  7. i plan on restoring my moldboard plow but not sure on what color to paint what. i noticed on the plow part it has a little bit of gray and on the arm is red. If some one sould post a picture of what it should look like that would be great.
  8. russellmc301

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    here is mine i restored. i just have 10w-30 in it and it and it runs great,just plain 30 would be great aswell. i think i used just plain 90 weight gear oil or some sort of gear box oil for the transmission. the Manuel for it should tell you about anything you need to know or if that doesn't help then i might be able to help. i love my a-100 i drive it everywhere and pull my wagon with it.
  9. russellmc301

    a-81 muffler

    thanks a lot. the ones like that i found where much more expensive.
  10. russellmc301

    To buy, or not to buy

    any wheel horse is a good deal
  11. russellmc301

    a-81 muffler

    i'm looking like this, the model is a 191702 and the muffler must be a bolt on.
  12. russellmc301

    a-81 muffler

    any ideas on what muffler would be good for a a-81? the one on it now is a straight pipe and really shows it
  13. russellmc301

    c-160 clicks when started

    ok ill take a look at the connections and cables/ battery,thanks alot
  14. russellmc301

    c-160 clicks when started

    when i turn the key on my c-160 to start it all the does it click. any ideas on what could be wrong, i read some previous threads and it seems like a sign of a bad solenoid but wasn't sure. if i remember right one day it just started doing it and i parked it since (3-4 mounths)
  15. russellmc301

    a-81 ignition switch

    anyone know where i could get a 2 pronged ignition switch for my a-81. the one on it now it like frozen up.