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  1. Sounds like it was a nice 854 you had, This one came with the clutch/brake upside down like that when I found it .. I was going to flip it over, but the brake rod is so seized up at the adjuster nut its never going to move and the rod has seen better days, I figured it was better to leave well enough alone till I can find or make a new brake rod. It works nice and I was able to set the barking brake with the adjuster on the brake shoe. I do run leaded race fuel in it ...does that count for race horse status ?
  2. Got the old horse clean this week. New key switch , carb rebuilt , completely took the tractor apart and gunked down the whole thing then gave all the small parts a bath in the parts washer, made a new electrical harness, put on a new drive belt and air cleaner. and finished it all off with a new plug, oil , wirer, and setting the timing. Went for a spin around the neighborhood today, lost count of all the smiles and waves I got as I passed by .
  3. I think I'm going to take the cleanup rout for now, I'm in the middle of a few other restoration projects, so this little guy will need to wait anyhow, makes me just as happy looking at her with fresh paint as I am looking at her just like this. I could spend hours just admiring how cool these old WH tractors look. Stood in the shop for about an hour a few night back with one of my car guy friends , just drinking a beer and looking at it saying "man they don't make stuff this cool anymore"... think it even has the original spark plug wire and Delco internal resistor coil. .. new tires and a nice new paint job on the rims and maybe a satcover is all I think I want to do this fall along with rewiring it and a new key switch.
  4. I have been thinking the same thing, I'm on the fence. She has a great look as is. Would be a great candidate to restore, but it is original paint so I'm going to need to think it over
  5. Really excited about finding this great 854 last week. Planning on spending some time this fall getting her running nice and showing the K181 some love. Planning on restoring the old girl over the winter. I will post progress pictures here as I get the project under way.