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  1. JoeB

    Break on 312h

    Previous owner of 312h removed the brake because he said the studs rubbed on the chains he used in the winter others hsve that problem? is there a better fix than removing the brake?
  2. I have a blower cab that fits on a B or C series WH. However I have a 312H. Is it possible to fit that cab on my 312H? thanx joe
  3. Some time ago I bought a C120 with a snowblower and deck. Sadly last winter I lost the connecting rod. I recently bought a nice 312H with a snowblower and deck. As I look at the blower and deck from the two vintages, the attachments from the 1970's are a lot heavier than those from the 1990's. So I wondering if I can use the blower and deck that was on the C120 on my new 312H. Anyone have an opinion (thats a tongue in cheek question!!) thanks, joe
  4. JoeB

    312h question

    I have a 312h the speed lever has to be held because unless it is the tractor quickly stops. Is there so adjustment I can make so I don’t have to hold it
  5. JoeB

    Kohler Rebuilding

    I have a C120 with a broken connecting rod. Not sure what motor it has, how can I tell. Could I swap mine for one you have rebuilt. If so what would the cost be? thanks
  6. JoeB

    Fixing my c120 auto

    What worries me is that I have been told the rebuild could be as much as 1200 which is well beyond what I am seeing for a used replacement, but thanks for the encouragement. joe Ouch!!!!! Thanks I'll take a look. Is there some way to search the classified or do I just look through every page for the listing. joe
  7. JoeB

    Engine for c120 auto

    I am looking for an engine to replace the one in my C120 auto that failed. I need to know that yours runs and doesn't smoke before I will considering buying it. thanks
  8. JoeB

    Fixing my c120 auto

    Thanks again. I see a couple of ads for used Kohler 12's from c120's. Is there a source of new ones? I also saw a comment about a magnum engine. Can anyone tell me about these?
  9. JoeB

    12HP Kohler for sale/parts

    I need to replace the motor in a C120 auto. Will this work, and if so what would be the cost including shipping to 49103? thanks
  10. JoeB

    Fixing my c120 auto

    thanks again.
  11. JoeB

    56" SNOWPLOW

    Hello, I am in Berrien Springs with a c120 with a bad engine and looking for suggestions/help being a newly. I see that you are in Niles so perhaps you might be willing to chat about what I could do. I really like the c120, it mows and blows and is so solid compared to modern tractors. thanks
  12. JoeB

    Fixing my c120 auto

    Thanks for your quick reply. Given the two options, and my lack of experience, I think replacing the engine might be the best bet. What sorts of alterations would have to be made with a Harbor Freight engine. thanks again
  13. JoeB

    C120 8 speed

    I just left a note about how I have a c120 auto with a thrown rod, looking for a way to fix it. Please tell me more about the engine you put in and where you got it. thanks
  14. Good morning, This is my first post. Several years ago I bought a c120 auto and have used it to mow and snowplow with great success. The other night in the midst of a snow storm I was in a hurry to get going, and didn't check the oil and didn't give the engine enough time to warm up. Result seems to be a broken connecting rod, since it cranks now much faster than it did before and won't start when it was a terrific starter before. So I'm looking for ways to repair the damage I've done. I really love the tractor, comparing it to modern ones that feel like tin foil convinces me that I want to fix this iron horse. I am in southwest Michigan, and looking for help. thanks in advance.