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  1. RandyLittrell

    paint scheme 1985 310-8

    Not to mention all the custom decals @Vinylguy makes. His stuff looks factory for sure and 20 years from now, there will be some lively discusions as well! Randy
  2. RandyLittrell

    paint scheme 1985 310-8

    Mine has the 10 horse magnum in it and I have seen other pics of 310-8's with paint like mine. I think all I have seen were 85 models, so maybe only 310's in 85 had the all red? If you do a little google search, a lot of all red 310's come up and they seam to all be 85's. The decals are different too, but when I repaint its gonna be red and black with the carbon fiber style decals. Randy
  3. RandyLittrell

    paint scheme 1985 310-8

    I will probably repaint mine someday and will paint it like the later ones as I think they look better. Just wanted to let you know what is factory. Please take pics as you work on it, we like to see lots of pics around here!! Randy
  4. RandyLittrell

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    WOW, first time I have seen someone post side by side pics and it really tells the story of how much difference there is!! Randy
  5. RandyLittrell

    paint scheme 1985 310-8

    Not true guys, my 85 is all original and that section is red. I don't like it as much as the newer ones, but its what it came with.
  6. RandyLittrell

    Anybody on Disability?

    My kids are 20 and 17 now, but growing up, I was the one that got the kids up and fed them and got em ready for school. It just worked out better that way. I am a morning person and my wife is really not! Randy
  7. RandyLittrell

    Anybody on Disability?

    Thanks for all the help guys! Seems like I have a lot going on right now. Checking on insurance, transfering my 401k and getting money stuff in order, filling out paperwork. My lawyer thinks I shouldn't have any problem being approved after hearing what all surgerys I have had and current problems, but its just matter of waiting. Good news is I have enough funds to last awhile so we will make it. My wife is actually pretty happy about me taking care of the house and have meals ready when she gets home! She is a teacher and works pretty damn hard and has always thought I make a better housewife than she does! Randy
  8. RandyLittrell

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I heard Arthur prefers power steering!! Randy
  9. RandyLittrell

    GT1800 Hydro paint

    Somebody on here redid a GT and painted it darker charcoal metalic and looked dang good. You can probably find it with a little looking, I just don't remember who it was. Randy
  10. RandyLittrell

    New to me 953

    Oh, I think those would be a great size to run duals too!! Randy
  11. RandyLittrell

    New to me 953

    Thank you! I have a GT-14 and have been looking for a good combo of tire and wheel. I had seen that tire and its size looked right and I found a place that has wheels that size. https://www.heywheel.com/index.html They have blank rims too for doing your own custom wheels. What is the height on those tires if you don't mind? Miller list them as 27.2" and wondered how close that would be. http://www.millertire.com/products/lawn-garden-tires/7-14/7-14-carlisle-farm-specialist-6-ply/ Thanks, Randy
  12. RandyLittrell

    New to me 953

    Nice score! Would you mind telling us what tires those are and the size? They look good! Randy
  13. RandyLittrell

    BD 4262 dozer blade

    Here is a BD 4262 blade from 1962. It would look great on an old round hood. Pretty much all there, somebody has done some welding on it but it doesn't look bad. $175 OBO or would trade for a blade to fit my 310. I am off work right now and could deliver for a little cash. Thanks Randy
  14. RandyLittrell

    rear tires

    Walmart has the 6-12's for $56 a pop and free shipping or store pickup. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Carlisle-R-1-Tru-Power-Lawn-Garden-Tire-6-12-LRB-4-ply-Wheel-Not-Included/185181320 Randy
  15. RandyLittrell

    New Shop

    When I bought my current shop it was painted white, but flat white ceiling paint that I assume they bought cheap somewhere. Just painting it gloss white made a huge difference in my ability to see in the shop. I am going to go ahead and paint the ceiling gloss white this next spring. Randy